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  1. @Agent orange Hi there, any luch with the post 1967 Universal Geneve dating matrixes ? Thanks Roby Hi Universal Geneve lovers, this prestigious brand shows as available matrixes with serial numbers only up to 1967, up to serial number 2.550.000. However UG has made after that still many lovely watches, most with serial number on the back. I just acquired an other one that I am having hard time idenfiying the aproximate manufacturing date which is what I was able to do with other 5 UG' s I have, all pre 1967. Anybody has access to UG resources with tables post 1967 ? My
  2. Hi everyone, did anyone ever see of knows what series, model this 1974 11AOACD Bulova can be ? https://postimg.org/image/kb96o0d8p/ Movement is known, the last in-house Bulova caliber, the "11AOAC" series, I got a President with a similar caliber. I would be curious if it did have a model name thanks regards Roby
  3. Hi everyone, I have a few vintage electric watches (a couple quartz) of different types, that I manage to wear each only every month or 2. Anybody knows if it is reccomended leaving them ON, running all the time or in "pause" mode, crown pulled out (Hack) ? I have left them until today in pause but a few of them ran into issues when re-started (i.e. Accutron, Timex, Hamilton 500). To give you an idea I have a Accutron 218 (1973), an Hamilton cal 500 (1958), a Hamilton cal 505 (1962), a Timex 1962 (Model 67/Laco 861, Durowe), a Tissot Tissonic 1973 (Cal 9162), an Eterna-soni
  4. Just got my first Wyler-Vetta... a Dynawind, end of the 60's I believe... nice ETA 2772 actually reworked as a WV 236 a lovely watch. Roby
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