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  1. Hi everyone I am looking for a watch that I can wear with my suit. Since automatic watches are too thick it shout be a quartz movement and max. 8mm thin. So I took a look at Daniel Wellington and Kapten & Son, however, they only have mineral glass and Asian movements (I know the Japan movement of Daniel Wellington is good, but I would like to have a swiss one ;D). Now a Friend of mine is absolutely excited about these Styrman & Crew watches. They have a swiss movement and sapphire glass while the design is almost the same. At the moment, they have a Kickstarter campaign running https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/759770222/minimalistic-watches-high-quality-components-from where the watches are much cheaper. However, I don’t have any experience with Kickstarter. Is Kickstarter trustworthy and will I definitely get my watch? By now the campaign seems to be on a good way to reach its goal.. Thank you Bernd
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