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  1. I would say nomos is well liked on the forum. There might not be many but I think everyone appreciates them. Although I will agree with you that I think this one is a misstep. To me it looks cheap and tacky.
  2. Are you going to restore it yourself? If so, how much work have you done with watches in the past that your confident you won't ruin it? I personally like the idea of restoring a watch but I wouldn't know where to start. Also my vote is for STS Cheers
  3. Seiko Sarb035 for me. The photos were taken yesterday.
  4. Is this a new watch? I thought your collection consisted of only white dials.
  5. I was 3 in 2000 so no watches for me either.
  6. I would like to be able to get a watch and a strap or two and keep it under 500 pound
  7. There has been quite a few Cream dial Alpinists over the years so I'm not sure which one you are referring to but here is a really good article on the history of Alpinist watches and should help you find what your looking for. I found it an interesting read. https://thespringbar.com/blogs/guides/the-ultimate-seiko-alpinist-collectors-guide Hope that helps Edit: Have to say that I like all of the cream dial variants that I've seen.
  8. I do like that but I prefer the SARB035. Thank you though
  9. There were only 500 of those made so they are long gone Wish they weren't though.
  10. I'm pretty sure it will be hard to beat but I'd like to see if there is anything I'm completely missing.
  11. So my 21st birthday is coming up and I'm considering getting a watch. I'm currently looking at the Seiko SARB035 because I like uncluttered dials, dressier watches and think it looks lovely in these photos. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  12. Just a heads up that Seiko is discontinuing the Seiko Alpinist (SARB017) along with the SARB033, SARB035 and SBDX017. So if you've been wanting any of those models you should buy them now. https://www.seiyajapan.com/blogs/news/sayonara
  13. But if we had warned you you might have been able to get away. Can't have that now
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