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  1. :o) We had a single 20 foot container, given that 12 months before we left pretty much everything we had downstairs was destroyed in a flood filling it wasn't that difficult. THe shoe collection survived almost intact. Strangely, on the morning after the flood, the only thing I had to put on my feet was a choice of impressively impractical footwear, with all the usual day to day stuff having been washed away or contaminated. I managed to find enough space in the container to squeeze an MV Agusta and some other toys, which is just as well, because where we are living is pretty remote, the list of what I can buy is considerably shorter than the list of what I can't :o) On the plus side the boat shop is well stocked and as a result I now spend quite a bit of time sailing up and down the bay. I suspect that when we make the trip to Perth I could probably find some nice things, but its a long way to go for shopping. I am hoping to pick up a Leica M9 on my next trip up there, but in the meantime I will continue shooting with the trusty M8 and IR filters. Judging by the other comment from Mr. Brownie I am not the first forum member to make the trip (its tough but worth it) Nice to chat again one and all. -Tim
  2. Hello Mr. Tips.... Good to see you are still about.... We have been busy emigrating to Australia so forum time has been limited. Settled down a bit now, its just starting to warm up here, SUmmer is coming. Hope all is well topside of the globe. Cheers. Eric P...(Original and Best)
  3. Yes Inconsiderate motor cyclists are a pain, always getting run over, squashed and other wise tossed around the highways by the superior race driving cars etc. How Dare They !
  4. You cant beat a MAC....... Unix based, stable, secure and with the new Intel based architecture, very quick too...
  5. I have been busy....... But I found myself in a hotel room with a laptop and a net connection, so I thought I would drop in...... Watch wise I have not done much, I bought a couple more Breitlings. I lost the entire James Bond Swatch collection in the flood, completely wiped out. Also all of my watch books, brochures etc. were wrecked including the much sought after moon watch book, which considering the effort I made to get hold of a copy is a shame, but at least we are all ok (i.e. the family) Getting used to life in a mobile home has been interesting and on occasions bl00dy freezing which is a little worrying because winter is not even here yet. Good to see the old core members are still here..... Cheers.
  6. ericp


    Pink shoes - flood damaged ( Harley Sportster - flood damaged ( 2001 Harley Electra Glide Ultra Classic - Survived
  7. ericp


    Do I need introductions ? Here I am.......(member number 5 !!!!) For the new members I am the resident cross dressing watch enthusiast with a penchant for fast cars, faster (and slower) motorcycles and expensive shoes. Currently living in a mobile home having fallen victim to some rather damp weather in the Summer.
  8. My Maserati was pulled from my flooded garage and declared "bugg**d" It was stood in the water for around 24 hours, the Insurance engineer took one look at the tide mark on the interior and wrote it off there and then (
  9. The Palmer days are excellent fun !!! Did you get to have a go in the Articulated lorry ?
  10. I had a VFR for years.... I rode it day in day out all weathers with Givi Panniers it was an ideal commuter. At the weekend minus the panniers it was an excellent sporty machine. I quite fancy a go on one of the new ones with the gorgeous high level pipes.
  11. Who thinks of these names... a 125cc engine with a piston the size of an egg cup, called MARAUDER I'm going to stick with the wonderfully named Yamaha Drag Star... Now that Darlings is simply divine
  12. HONDA SILVERWING !!! Its all you need.... Simply add sunshine, open face helmet and shades and you can pretend you are Eric Estrada on your wayto the station every morning. Even your traffic related colleagues will admire your panache and style.... http://powersports.honda.com/scooters/mode...6006&bhcp=1 Say no more... p.s. I ride a proper bike, I just think this would be just the ticket for Mr. Cammy
  13. Avoid 125s !!!! You would have to really ride a 125 quite hard (especially a 2 stroke), and you would end every journey feeling as if you had run the same distance, far better to have a larger capacity engine and ride it in a more relaxed fashion. If you are not too worried about style, there are some really nice four stroke (>250cc) scooters to be had. Big, comfortable, large tyres, good brakes and you dont get too wet when it rains. Have a look at the Honda Silverwing. 600cc four stroke twin. ABS, luggage space, really lovely bike in scooter form. Failing that the GPZ500 Twin is an excellent first bike, lacks the complexity of the Bandit, so is easier / cheaper to maintain, and possibly a more sensible choice because of its rather relaxed power delivery.
  14. Nice looking bike... A bit like the old 'Bol Dor' Honda. I had a big Honda a few years ago. It had the most horrendous inboard disk brakes. I seem to remember it was supposed to keep them dry and crud free....It was also a huge pain to work on, and they overheated and faded very quickly. Anyway enjoy and ride safe. Cheers
  15. Try MotoGP.. Last Weekends race was one of the finest motorsport events I have ever seen. Massive amounts of excitement, overtaking, supreme skill, and respect for each other demonstrated by the riders. First Class. Proper characters too.
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