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  1. Can still get watches including Strelas with the 3133 in them although they are not cheap. There are some reliable Russian watch specialists that still have stock (based in Munich) of 3133 Strelas or other Russian chronographs. I've been very happy with the Poljot Buran that I bought from them a while back. I do fancy a Sturmanskie or 'OKEAH' 3133 chrono in the future.
  2. Congratulations- a great win! Wear in good health
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    From the album: VC's Orient

  4. Ullevi

    VC's Fortis

    Fortis Official Cosmonauts Day Date Automatic. Cal: ETA 2836-2.
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    From the album: VC's Fortis

  6. Some of Strela’s older models have 3133 movements but 3133s have not been made for many years so supplies are running low. These new models have the ST19 column wheel Chronograph from Sea-Gull. Pretty sacrilegious to some, but when you think the ST19 is based on the Venus 175 which is much closer to the original Strela’s with the 3017 column wheel chronograph movements it’s not so bad. I’ve been very happy with the same movement in my Sea-Gull 1963 Re-issue which runs at +7 secs/ day.
  7. I have difficulty in taking this one off at the moment:
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    From the album: VC's Strela

  9. Introducing my new Strela TR40CY Chronograph that I got as a birthday present while we were on holiday last week. Inspired by some of the members' lovely watches that inhabit this forum (you know who you are!) I wanted a modern tribute to a space watch that I could wear daily without concern. This watch is a tribute to the watch worn by Alexei Leonov in open space when he performed the first EVA exiting the 'Voskhod 2' capsule on 18th March 1965 for 12 minutes. The first watch worn in open space: This particular watch has a great sized case for me- 40mm, with a sapphire crystal, and although I would dearly love an original 3017 Strela/ Poljot/ Sekonda, this one is robust enough to wear without too much worry. These modern Strelas are made by a German based company headed by Russian watch specialist Juri Levenberg. Anyway, the purists may dislike the idea, but I like it a lot! Actually, I love it.
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    From the album: VC's Strela

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    DSC_0179 (6).JPG

    From the album: VC's Strela

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    DSC_0150 (3).JPG

    From the album: VC's Strela

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    2019-03-07 (3).png

    From the album: VC's Strela

  14. Strela TR40CY chronograph today. Have a good BH everyone:
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    DSC_0160 (3).JPG

    From the album: VC's Strela

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    From the album: VC’s Seiko

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    From the album: VC’s Seiko

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