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  1. Solved, it fitted under the silver bracket next to the coil where the screw is missing. Back together and running, just got to figure out how it all works now!
  2. Hello, I have stripped and cleaned a 5M25 movement, and on reassembly have found a tiny brass ring left over!Any advice on where this goes? I thought the stem passes through it, but when I do so, the stem doesn't push in far enough to engage in the lock.Many Thanks,Matt.
  3. Many thanks guys. Looks like the post the wheel fits to is gone! No wonder I couldn't figure where it sat. Need to find a very fine wire to remake it!
  4. Hello, I've made a silly mistake! I was taking apart a watch I've not worked on before, and rushed it. On removing the date wheel, the little brass coloured gear wheel on the right of the picture fell out, and I've no idea where from? It has a raised square edged centre on one side with a hole through and a smaller raised cone centre the other. This side also has a small pin set at approx 1/2 the diameter of the wheel. It has a course tooth edge which I cant seem to match up with anything. Aaarrgghh! Anyone help? Thank you. Matt
  5. Thank you Simon, I'll strip it and investigate. Appreciate your advise. Regards. Matt
  6. I have a seiko 6309, and when I advance the time, with the crown to the second click, the day indicator continuously advances as I wind the hands the day and date change off the first click of the crown, and advance at 12.00. Can anyone advise what I'm looking for when I strip it please? What makes the day wheel move in sync with the hands? Thanks for any hints.
  7. Hi I'd love to take both please. A couple of my later quartz or automatics will snuggle down nicely in those. I'll pm you my address. Many thanks. Nigel- that's great info. Thanks. On the look out for one of those now.
  8. Hi Davey, That would be awesome thank you. I've been collecting seiko for a while now and am just starting trying to match boxes up to them all. Happy to pay any delivery costs if you can send them to me. Much appreciated. Regards. Matt
  9. Hi all,I have two seiko quartz, an A158 5059 and an A021 5000. I would like to place them in their original boxes. Can anyone advise which boxes these models should be in, or maybe have pictures of them? Thanks. Matt
  10. Missed your post Andy! Thanks for the advise, I'll find a thin stiff blade and five it a go. A lottle scarwd of damaging the case or bezzel. Band aid at the ready! Cheers. Matt.
  11. Thanks guys. Think I've got the hang of it now. Any ideas on getting that crystal out? Cheers. Matt.
  12. Thanks guys. Well thus is the case. It looks like a shaped outer bezzle, but I can't see where to insert a blade to prize it off. Tried a little pressure on the crystal press, but no movement? Any thoughts?
  13. Can anyone advise how to remove the crystal on a Seiko 6309 7060. I can't takeout if it presses out or I have to remove the outer bezzle. Can't see. Recess in the bezzle to enable it to be removed? http://s231.photobucket.com/user/matt6r/media/20181117_120457.jpg.html?filters[user]=55000711&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=3 Thanks. Matt. Don't know how to use this! Can some one remove the link I placed and advise me how to display a single image from photo bucket please. Thanks.
  14. Thanks everyone. I've sent a message to cousins with the case numbers, see what they come up with. I've been trawling ebay for something but no lick yet. Cheers, Matt.
  15. Is this just direct from seiko or do other vendors sell similar & cheaper
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