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  1. You are going to look a complete nut ball talking to your wrist. Oh hang on a minute ha ha .
  2. I remember the time I bought mine well. Oh well its sure is orange, nah play safe go for the black bezel , yeah but yeah but everybody plays safe, shall I shall I , oh f**k it why not. Never regretted it once.
  3. Old pic of mine. I tried on the one in the OPs link when they first hit my local dealership. Nice watch but far too top heavy for my liking.
  4. Never sold , given a few away though. Which has just given me thought to who I will leave mine to when I croak it. No point leaving them to my polly she is a hoarder lol.
  5. Off up my workshop in a bit so this will be plastered in wood shavings soon. Its only a watch
  6. Here ya go Rog. Just press a button and it will tell you the time. Available from RNIB. I've always thought this was a brilliant idea for people with sight problems.
  7. Its a well known fact that I am daft .
  8. My Gallery subscription had expired hence photo is at the time I took it.
  9. If it aint running on valves you are all listening to sh*t, just saying like .
  10. The leader of an undiscovered tribe in the Amazon Jungle just said to his mate ' I just knew Jonny would pick up on that '.
  11. Surely, JonnyOldBoy, they were accurate in the environment of the wrist they were bolted to, i.e. on the fekin Moon. I feel pretty sure the guys up there at the time would have got a time check from mission control and adjust accordingly, IF at all required.
  12. Well I've been on one watch a month since last November. This Month is Planet Ocean Month and I will wake up to the 29th, if I wake up. If I do wake up I will risk the exertion of setting the date. If I wake up .
  13. Thank feck for that. I've just read through this thread and was questioning my sanity or wtf had my missus put in my dinner.
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