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  1. Halo everyone my name is Jesaya Pandia, i'm new to watch thing so i just buy this beautiful watch online for $18 and still workshop but it's hot a little problem with acuracy can anyone please tell me with year or was Made, is it collectiable, and di i Made a good bargain ?, Thankyou.
  2. Hi, thanks for the big effort you have put to my question, I have learn a lot things from you're research, I agree with you I guess this watch is handmade cause I couldn't find any serial number or any info on the watch, hopefully you can give me speculation price for this piece that would be great And I just learned that the face of the watch could be open here the open face photo These some better resolution from earlier photos
  3. Hi Vinnie, Not yet but i desperately want to know the value of this art of time.
  4. Hi, my name is Jesaya Pandia, it's really a pleasure to join this forum, I'm happy to meet other antique watch lover, I really need I help guys, I'm new to the pocket watch world but love them, so I just bought a beautiful old pocket watch but there's an issue with it, it's broken I have no idea about the brand or where it came from, but the odd and unique thing about this piece is the flag of Turkish and Luxembourg and a symbol that says "railways engineering watch" the brand "Levie Watch" and under the flag there was written "trade mark", I want to fix it but I have to be sure is it worth to be fix, cause it seems like it need a huge reparation problem. Thanks, warm greetings and love from Indonesia sorry for bad English
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