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  1. Very weird! It made me think of the Truman Show for some reason
  2. Found this on WuS. https://forums.watchuseek.com/f2/tracking-celebrities-what-watches-they-wearing-lets-keep-going-300966-266.html
  3. My first thought was that it looks like this Geckota. I'm sure the Geckota is probably a homage to something and the writing on the dial doesn't match but the case shape, lume pip, bezel, handset. indices look pretty close?
  4. If it's a Casio you're after then have a look at http://www.greatwatches.co.uk. They have a good selection and are priced well. I bought a MDV Duro from there a while back and it was cheaper than anywhere else I could find one, and it looks like they still are.
  5. Lorus Lumibrite. Right day wrong date
  6. Snap I got one today too. I ordered it on Sunday night so I was surprised it arrived already. Definetly agree that it wears smaller than 45mm - it's quite comfortable. I had originally looked at the all black version but it was out of stock and a few reviews said it was quite hard to read at a glance. Mine is just going to be used as a grab and go watch - nothing quite as critical as ambulance work! Enjoy your new watch!
  7. My latest acquisition which arrived today - Casio GA-2100-1AER 'Casioak'. Bought to fill the void left when I sold my square - love it already.
  8. I picked up this 'Infantry' watch from Amazon a while back for around £20 and use it as a beater. It's 40mm in size. The strap it comes on is junk though so you might need a spare 22mm strap. I've got it on a Steveostrap I had spare which cost more than the watch https://www.amazon.co.uk/Infantry-Analogue-Watches-Military-Outdoor/dp/B00EHATD5C/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=infantry+watch&qid=1588068554&sr=8-4
  9. Welcome - that's a really solid 3 piece collection in my opinion
  10. The Ventus Mori brass diver could be had close to your budget on the used market. New they're about £255 plus postage. https://ventuswatches.com/collections/mori-2-diver Past/completed listings on eBay: link Picture from https://wornandwound.com/review/hands-ventus-mori/
  11. How about this - I think it ticks all boxes apart from sapphire? It doesn't specify, but I would presume it's 'Hardlex' so a step up from mineral. Can be had for £120 on Watch Shop at the moment. Other colours available Would look nice on a leather imo SNE363P1
  12. Lorus Lumibrite. Probably the best £20 I've spent on a watch. 38mm so wears very comfortably and the lume is pretty cool while it lasts! Doesn't hit a single marker on the dial though which is a serious challenge for my OCD
  13. Looking forward to the results - should look pretty good
  14. I heard its even dirtier when Piers Morgan has a column in it.
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