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  1. Great collection you've got there. I particularly like the Tag Aquaracer in the 3rd row What is the watch in the centre of the second row? Thanks for sharing
  2. Personally I'm not a fan of the dial texture but I've owned a powermatic 80 before and it was the most accurate auto I've had. The auto pricing is very reasonable but CW Sellors look like they're doing 10% off an order if you need some persuasion
  3. Recently aquired Tissot PRX. The quality of this watch is fantastic for the money
  4. The mod for this Casio arrived today so would be rude not to The steel case adds a bit of chunk to it but it's still very wearable
  5. Hi Chris, that sounds like what happened to mine. I've long since parted with the watch. The problem was locking reverser wheels which TAG confirmed when it went back under warranty. See my thread (link below) - hopefully it's informative for you. As far as I know the Caliber 5 is a ETA 2824. I don't know if TAG tinker with it in any way but I've heard a few people report this locking issue now.
  6. Based on Google pics I think you just need a pin pusher tool like below. Beware though it's easy to cause damage to the pins and scratch the bracelet if you don't do it properly. If you're not confident I'd just wait and take it to Goldsmiths, Ernerst Jones, Hsamuel etc when they open. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Zacro-Watch-Remover-Repair-Watchmakers/dp/B01E3MFJKG/ref=pd_sbs_241_1/259-6776538-7532809?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01E3MFJKG&pd_rd_r=46813d41-8f5b-452e-ae2d-3e121aa8b1b4&pd_rd_w=x7sNT&pd_rd_wg=lkzGI&pf_rd_p=2773aa8e-42c5-4dbe-bda8-5cdf226aa078&pf_rd_r=BWVEE2M1QEWC986WHYZM&psc=1&refRID=BWVEE2M1QEWC986WHYZM
  7. I really like the black one but I think I'd get it on the bracelet. The gap between the case and strap looks pretty big - might look different on the wrist. Thanks for sharing [Edit] I've changed my mind - I see there's a blue one. Mmmmm
  8. I'm wearing this Accurist today. Wrong date but who needs to know the date when every day is the same
  9. Very weird! It made me think of the Truman Show for some reason
  10. Found this on WuS. https://forums.watchuseek.com/f2/tracking-celebrities-what-watches-they-wearing-lets-keep-going-300966-266.html
  11. My first thought was that it looks like this Geckota. I'm sure the Geckota is probably a homage to something and the writing on the dial doesn't match but the case shape, lume pip, bezel, handset. indices look pretty close?
  12. If it's a Casio you're after then have a look at http://www.greatwatches.co.uk. They have a good selection and are priced well. I bought a MDV Duro from there a while back and it was cheaper than anywhere else I could find one, and it looks like they still are.
  13. Snap I got one today too. I ordered it on Sunday night so I was surprised it arrived already. Definetly agree that it wears smaller than 45mm - it's quite comfortable. I had originally looked at the all black version but it was out of stock and a few reviews said it was quite hard to read at a glance. Mine is just going to be used as a grab and go watch - nothing quite as critical as ambulance work! Enjoy your new watch!
  14. I picked up this 'Infantry' watch from Amazon a while back for around £20 and use it as a beater. It's 40mm in size. The strap it comes on is junk though so you might need a spare 22mm strap. I've got it on a Steveostrap I had spare which cost more than the watch https://www.amazon.co.uk/Infantry-Analogue-Watches-Military-Outdoor/dp/B00EHATD5C/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=infantry+watch&qid=1588068554&sr=8-4
  15. Welcome - that's a really solid 3 piece collection in my opinion
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