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  1. Lorus Lumibrite. Probably the best £20 I've spent on a watch. 38mm so wears very comfortably and the lume is pretty cool while it lasts! Doesn't hit a single marker on the dial though which is a serious challenge for my OCD
  2. Looking forward to the results - should look pretty good
  3. I heard its even dirtier when Piers Morgan has a column in it.
  4. Tempted by one of these Tissots... Do you guys know if they do this tasty blue version on a bracelet?
  5. I think you'd be lucky to find replacement links for a specific Accurist of that age. Maybe a better option would be to set up an alert on eBay for the watches model number and with a bit of luck someone will have one for sale on a bracelet?
  6. Not too keen on the first few but I like the Russians Raketa is my favourite of the bunch.
  7. How about a 9F Grand Seiko @Nigelp I'm thinking about one of these myself. More special than your 'average' quartz watch and I think it would still get you a nod from those in the know. Could be had for < £2K new. SBGX259G - image from https://imgur.com/gallery/FbhQoud There's also a black variant SBGX261G
  8. That is certainly ... eyecatching
  9. Great work and interesting to see the restoration of an old watch The amount of dirt in the ultrasonic...
  10. I quite like the 001 but feel like the dial is unbalanced with nothing at the top. Maybe they could have split the logo/name and model no.
  11. Under more info... "Movement is not currently functioning" I think for 42K I would at least want it to tick
  12. https://www.watchgecko.com/watchgecko-discount/
  13. Great watch - congrats I owned one for a while and it was unbelievable value for money. I bought it from this website here Hope it's ok to share that link. Just thought if anyone's after one I can vouch for that site.
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