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  1. i have no plans for a new watch this year and that might stretch into next year im happy with what ive got at the moment . what i do have plans for is fitting a kitchen easter and a new bathroom next easter but what i have been doing is up grading my braclets with miltat offerings i am getting my fix from that at the moment .
  2. warning daily mail content lol https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7940277/Veteran-COLLAPSES-Antiques-Roadshow-told-Rolex-worth-700k.html
  3. citizen orca has got to be up there
  4. both very nice the gs just pips it for me
  5. hang around here for a while and there will be a lot more watches you will want
  6. a public thank you to davey for the chaika watch the wife loves it she can not see the hands very well but loves it as a bracelet ? she has tiny wrists and struggles to find jewellery that fits . she is chuffed to bits she says its a lot better than the xmas present i didnt get her thanks davey
  7. happy new year to all
  8. my mate puts it on lures for pike not sure if its good for the fish though
  9. i started off like busy dials but now prefer dive watches and plain dials i also like squire watches i keep looking at them but dont know when i would wear it as they dont really go with tee shirts and biker leather jacket and a 14" beard
  10. i like the chaika nice bracelet my wife would like that bracelet she likes unusual things i think thats why she is with me
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