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  1. sorry as i know it upsets some people lol https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7183005/Super-rich-tourist-1MILLLION-McLaren-F1-inspired-watch-stolen-pickpocket-Ibiza.html
  2. nice watch. i have a sumo and a blumo love them both
  3. nice watch i was looking at them in the merry hill center this morning
  4. looks like i will have to start reading the daily star like the rest of you
  5. the recon its cleaner https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-7167669/How-watch-three-times-dirty-TOILET.html
  6. i like both of those what is the build quality like
  7. nice watches i would be happy with any of those
  8. monday to friday i wear a different one each day because i take them off for work but i usually wear the same watch all weekend and being the weird guy i am in bed too .
  9. i like it too nice watch
  10. well done both. you both look happy nice photos
  11. very nice nice color too
  12. i brought a sumo and blumo of them both come in five days .i woudnt hold you breath for a garentee though but to me thats the risk you take for the low price .my son also buys gaming gear of them with no problems
  13. im the same i dont do gold but that is a nice watch enjoy
  14. Ging

    Sumo Addiction.

    i have the black and blue ive been looking at the jade one but im not sure on the green i want to see one before buying . i can not afford the other colors but if i could it would be the silver one
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