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  1. i will be buying one of these next year to add to the other two spinnakers ive got nice watches for the money
  2. very nice well done . i could probably stretch to this at the moment https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133907661291?hash=item1f2d84c1eb:g:XXsAAOSwE0VhbcLU
  3. one of my favourites too mine is the blue version
  4. yes hands not sure where i got fingers from must have been a brain fart lol. forgot to mention the case is made of silver
  5. i wont have it polished just cleaned
  6. this is the only one i own it was awarded to my grandad in 1936 for saving a woman who fell through the ice on the canal . he was on the way to work when he saw her go through and jumped in and saved her . i plan to get it serviced and cleaned but leave some patina on some day . my dad had some fingers fitted about 20 years ago so im not sure if they are correct but they didnt have second finger it does run for about 1 hr when wound ive no idea how much that would cost though. sorry about having to tilt your head for some of them
  7. The only thing I can see wrong with your collection is you have a space in your box ( how dare you ) . I like the certina
  8. yes its the seiko 5 at 43 mm its just right for me
  9. ive done a proper job on mine he has put me on coedeen and diazepam so time don't matter at the moment lol . i really done it last year i had 3 months of work but its not that bad this time
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