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  1. i come very close to buying a titanium one a couple years back but went for the sumo. nice watch
  2. i dont mind the folded strap as it keeps the weight down on a all ready light watch . i dont get on with rubber straps even though the one in the video look cool
  3. strap turned up today thank you
  4. thank you that would be great pm sent
  5. There aren't many about it's from 1997 6 cylinders and 6 carbs running 6 into 6 pips . This is the uk version which is called the f6c ( flat 6 custom ) the American one is called the valkyrie it was built in America mainly for there market they only made 30000 world wide so fairly rare site in the uk and most have been imported from the us due to the high cost in the uk when new
  6. while out on the bike last week in wales there was a guy taking pictures with a web site banner so down loaded our pic .its not very often you see a pic of you riding
  7. a big thank you to jaydeep for sending me this ive had it on all weekend . this is going to be my go too watch when im out on my bike its really comfortable i for got i had it on tonight and got in the shower with it on. thanks again jaydeep king of you
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