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  1. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7673803/Worlds-expensive-watch-24-2MILLION-Patek-Philippe-sells-auction-Switzerland.html
  2. the free dive record is 22 min 22 sec
  3. thats a very nice watch the bracelet is super cool
  4. i would love it too .i agree it should be the black
  5. i like the first and last one in the link
  6. my sumo stops at quarter past when i first put it on if i set the time any where after ten to. the blumo does the same
  7. thats what i like about it. but at that kind of money i would have to see in the flesh and try it on
  8. i have been taking an interest in these type of watches lately purely on looks . most of my watches are dive watches but these are really catching my eye lately . thanks for the answer
  9. i like this watch on ebay can someone explain what the numbers and letters on the inner dail are for. im not looking to buy as i have been off work for three months with a back injury so no more watches for me this year https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Memosail-V-I-P-Steel-Yacht-Timer-Yachtingraf-Chronograph-Valjoux-7737-41mm/202268581749?hash=item2f18259f75:g:pH4AAOSw8hhas6SI
  10. i have been watching them on you tube very nice but at £20000 that's a lot of money
  11. i brought a saw tooth off here and hated it with the rubber strap and nearly flipped it . then i decided to fit the engineer bracelet of my monster and now i love it its a totally different watch.
  12. mine too nice summer watch . when ever the shorts come out so does my orca
  13. well done enjoy
  14. i like the lume but thats about it
  15. i like the green one too being lefties does not bother me
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