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  1. been welding and in the garden all morning hence
  2. a bit of AR on the nixon
  3. probably have this on for the weekend
  4. very nice im a big fan of the puck ill have a look at these when funds allow . im in the process of putting a cbr 900 0n the road atm so no funds
  5. green face with a bottle of green gecko ipa
  6. i would be happy with any of those on my wrist very nice collection
  7. something to brighten up a grey day
  8. i paid £199 for mine well worth the money the green is better than on the photos
  9. that red boctok is very nice is that a current model
  10. very nice i love my garage to its just a bit cold at the moment
  11. cheers guys ill sort it out the weekend
  12. i paid £199 0n starnless from tk max the problem i have is the slots in the screws are so small i caint adjust the bracelet and all the jewelers are closed so its just sitting there doing my head in
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