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  1. Literally RLT has traveled the world round!!!
  2. Yeop. Lots like it. Point is that's this one was top range back in 198ish. AMF it was sold via catalogue!!
  3. Manufactured in the DDR but "Swiss Made" stamped up front...
  4. Breitling Sea300 Speedie In that precise order. Mind a GMT Bremont maybe??
  5. New hand made strap for an amazing watch!!
  6. Been away for quite a.while for the always nagging health reasons...
  7. Rubbish as may be, it's the terminals you're longing for!!
  8. Allow me to disagree. Firstly, every professional sports tournament hands bronze medals, I see no reason why football should be different. Second, these incredible kids deserve all the merits because they did far more than they were supposed to. And third...hey, it's another world-class football match!!
  9. Just a little more fuel and it'll cross the Channel, just wait and see!!
  10. Well done England!! Remember these are just kids!! First time in a World Cup and among the first four is more than something!! Aaannd, don't forget Saturday's match against Belgium, I'm sure it'll be gorgeous!!
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