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  1. https://photos.app.goo.gl/4h6fjk6Tz7P3aUCo8Picked up this Avia De Luxe 30 jewel automatic watch which needs cleaning and servicing....it is working but you cannot change the time....stem just turns so will investigate further....also cannot see a movement number?...looking forward to this one! https://photos.app.goo.gl/YNN67wfJGpsGyqkB8
  2. https://photos.app.goo.gl/oWqtzbp8cQfq
  3. Picked up this old 1980's Seiko 7006 -5000....the crystal was badly scratched...after cleaning the crystal and case etc.....took a look inside and cleaned plus little re oil.....now looks and works fine...really pleased ....watch of choice at the moment
  4. Start on a mantel clock...look on ebay for one that the buyer states it's overwound (you cannot overwind a clock)....or contact me and I will send you a mantel clock to work on
  5. Repairing watches and make them working again is a very satisfying hobby....you might be best starting on something bigger before starting on watches...go for a travel alarm clock, parts are bigger and easier to handle.....I am self taught and made many mistakes along the way....it's practise practise practise....learn by your mistakes....take plenty of pictures...buy cheap movements from ebay to practise on....nothing better than taking a back of a non working watch and getting it working again....good luck
  6. Hi my name is Stuart and from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, turned the big 60 last year......main interest are vintage wind up watches from 1930 - 70's...I like to buy them not working and get them working again.....find that very satisfying.....brands I like are Avia, Oris, Prestomax, Rotary, and I have a nice Systema with the rocket logo Glad to be on board
  7. Hi all, my name is Stuart from Cambridgeshire, and turned the big 60 back in May, been restoring/repairing old mantle clocks for about 2 years now after I purchased an overwound one about 12 years ago from a local auction site for £2.00....it stood about and one day after looking on the internet I found out you cannot overwind a clock, so I took it apart and cleaned all the cogs, pivots etc and re-oiled.....it worked!.....that was it I was hooked so I brought another non runner, sorted it now working, since then I have repaired alarm clocks, westminster chiming clocks,french clocks, anniversary clocks.....but it's been a big learning curve and I have learnt a lot on the way with plenty of mistakes.....trying to repair watches now which is must more or a challange....so thought it was time I joined a forum. Hoping all you fellow members can help me along the way
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