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  1. a Carronade. It has 2783 etched under the balance and has an Automatic Incabloc movement with a date complication and 25 jewels. At the moment it works like the cheaper Seiko's ie you need to shake the movement to store power as the winding mechanism seems to have stopped. Does anyone have any history. I have looked on the web and nothing much comes up. Any contributions welcome. I suspect Karrusel will not let me down.
  2. I thought for a while before buying a Mark II C600 Trident Black/Red. It is great. The resin strap was replaced for a Nato and this was easy with the quick release function on their watches. I cannt say enough about the quality and value for money.
  3. I must be missing something. What was the watch you bought? As above nothing wrong with ebay etc. if you are careful.
  4. Pulled the trigger and the watch arrived. It is great. Only draw back was the resin strap which was uncomfortable for whatever reason but the quick release spring bars had me with a Nato blue/red combo in seconds. It is a wonderful watch and really good for the outlay. Thank goodness for VAR Mrs Wiggles
  5. Well, Mrs. Wiggles it is really nice to meet someone with real class on the forum. I first watched them in 1958 when Cliff Jones played. My absolute hero was Dave Mackay. Yours must be more modern Kane or Eriksen or even Bale??
  6. Thanks everyone for their input. I will let you know what I do.
  7. Yes, they are lovely but be careful as the date on some of these can be a bit sensitive if you try a quick-set between 9pm and 3am.
  8. Where it has "Japan Made" it is usually a refurbished dial done in India. The genuine ones have the movement and the case/dial 4 digit designation. This is not to say that there is anything intrinsically wrong other than the condition and dial are not genuine, but it will probably run forever. Some UK seller buy in from India at £14.99 and resell them without advising of their provenance.
  9. on a Christopher Ward Trident 600 Black/Red, I thought I would ask the members what they think.
  10. This is my dad's old watch which was bought for him when he signed up in '39. He was in the navy in the far east in '44 but was on the Revenge during the battle of the Atlantic. It still works.
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