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  1. Only one watch to wear today....COYS
  2. I had that dread moment when the 710 said, "the washing machine's broken". I looked and sure enough the locking handle on the machine was indeed broken. I thought , if I can attempt watches, I can surely do something with a washing machine. And I am pleased to report after much grunting and use of lanuage a serene forum like this would blanch at, we now have a fully functioning machine. It was only my failed attempts at watches and equipment like magnets, mini screwdrivers etc. that persuaded me that it was possible...so once again thank you WTF, although you have cost me thousands in watches you have saved me £250 for a new machine. What have others got to thank the forum for attempting?
  3. All the very best. A really great opportunity to get some formal training.
  4. This one today. Have a great weekend
  5. If you flip it in a year, my bet is that you would lose money.
  6. Adidas, Pierre Cardin, Slazenger, Next, Jasper Conran
  7. the Christopher Ward C60 Trident 600 Black Red. Does anyone have a strong feeling either way of this Brand/Model thanks
  8. Wish I had looked at this earlier today as I would have liked to add to the April fools jokes. This one today..no really
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