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  1. Again, to clarify I Didn't intend to insult. I was genuinely asking whether his comment's purpose was to cause distress.
  2. I didn't intend my "dick" comment to be offensive in any manner, I was genuinely asking if he intended to be a "dick". In My original post I was asking for information about my watch, my first "answer" was someone pointing out reasons why they didn't like it. Perhaps he was trying to subtly tell me it was a fake; if that was the case then you either failed or else my lack of knowledge on watches worked against me. Thanks for the sarcastic comment that followed anyways. I had a hunch to begin with that this was a fake, obviously this doesn't affect me in anyway. Regardless this watch is in
  3. I'm not sure if if you intended your comment to be helpful or if you were being a dick.
  4. My late grandad left me his watch. curious to know more about it I began to search online but I couldn't find any images of it. Any help? so far I know it's an Omega Constelation... *Constellation
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