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  1. Hi I was wondering if there where any oyster style bracelet from previous omegas or a third party that would fit on the newest seamaster? Many thanks Kane
  2. Hi So I'm going to be buying an omega ( most likely the blue seamaster) but if I decide it's too big for me as I only have 6 1/2 inch wrists my back up is the blue railmaster. The only thing that puts me off is the lack of a micro adjust. Does anybody no if you can retrofit a different omega clasp on which has the quick adjust or knows of any alternative? Many thanks Kane.
  3. Hey I have an omega Constellation and was thinking it would look great on leather. does anyone no of any sites that do straps for them and if not how to put a modded strap on and keep it attached? Below are some pics Many Thanks Kane
  4. Yes the case number is 596.1479 It's the exact one in the link you sent thank you very much.
  5. Yes it is a lady's watch. And thanks for the info. Just trying to learn more about it. Many thanks Kane
  6. Hey guys I recently. Got this omega deville and just wanted to no what reference and year etc. If anyone knows about it I would be greatful. Attached are some photos.
  7. Hey guys I recently. Got this omega deville and just wanted to no what reference and year etc. If anyone knows about it I would be greatful. Attached are some photos.
  8. Hey thanks for all the help. I brought the watch as not working, the person the guy took it too said it wasn't the battery at fault. So I assumed this was correct when I posted this but I recently put a battery in and it seems to work and keep time. Guess I got lucky with this one. Thanks for all the help Kane
  9. Hey thanks for the reply. I have looked at it but it seems to be a 2 hand movement instead of 3 plus date. Unless they do a different version off the ones I've been looking at?
  10. Hey I am looking for some help I am in need of a ETA 210.011 but they are apparently obsolete now and unavailable and i cant seem to find what movement it was replaced by any help would be gratefully received. It has a 3 oclock date window and is for an omega deville. Many Thanks Kane
  11. oh man loving all these i absolutely adore dress watches with sub second dials. pure class and imo longines isn't as talked about as some watches.
  12. Just thought i would show of my 1970's longines i brought for my wedding day. I love how simple it is and how the hand's are wafer thin. It also has a neat little feature where when you pull the stem and crown it will continue ticking untill the second hand reaches 12. the manual wind is smooth and i love it only downside is that it is gold plated but it hasn't tarnished at all. would love too see some more vintage dress watches or wedding day watches.
  13. So I messaged him asking if everything was original and his response was "Crown is not original, I think the dial is but I'm not 100% on that so...Crystal will not be original...If you're looking for a 100% original watch I would look elsewhere. Thanks for your interest" which seems a little but messed up to me as he has put it up a authentic genuine Longines but nowhere in the description does it say anything about any replacement parts.
  14. hey all i found this on ebay and am seriously considering it. im pretty new to watches and a complete newbie to vintage so any help is appreciated. just wanting to no if this watch seems legit , it looks it to me but i kinda dont have the eye to spot a fake.
  15. Hey thanks for all the reply's after this hopefully I can find myself a nice little vintage piece.
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