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  1. Fabulous box of tricks ! My favourite is a tie between the Omega 300M and the Rado below it , If I was burgling your gaff but the rule were I could only lift two prices, it would be those two .... .... but WOW , what a collection ....
  2. Ah , now that is a different box story .... Lego Star Wars Collectables without a box .... are not Star Wars collectables.
  3. Yes , slightly so ... so I am L/XL in Uk stuff so defo XL in Aeronautica and it's a bit snug but its also part of the style etc etc ... :-) I have PS scarfs and bits and bobs... but the Aeronautica T-Shirts are better than his ... :-)
  4. Aeronautica Militaire ... exceptional quality ... every November their Italian Website has a sale ...
  5. Ditto ,,, I get Italian designer t-shirts that no one has ever heard of ... [ always in the sale mind , way too tight to pay full ticket ] ,, they look a bit Sainsburys/Next/George , but are not ... I get them because the weave is exceptional. I discovered the brand by accident at Napoli Airport a few years back ... The GS effect ,,, but on my back ...
  6. Even @Davey P would struggle to promenade wearing one of those .....
  7. Only 9-in-10 are probably telling the truth ..... this is the one that isn't .... :
  8. Nope .... wear the same watch all day , unless doing DIY/Gardening etc etc , then swap over to the G-Shock ...
  9. I have a bud who went to Baselworld four years ago naively thinking he could go in and buy watches. It was hilarious talking to him when he got back , him and his work mate drove there and back in an M3. Once he realised that A. He could not buy anything , and B. Without a registration pass he could not access half the stands etc etc they both decide to sightsee. They ended up in a Seiko Hospitality Tent on the other side of town, not part of the Baselworld main event and got chatting to the guy who was tasked of expanding the GS boutiques in Europe. The long and the short of it was that they
  10. Sorry no I can't remember ,,,, It was a while ago now ...
  11. I have seen a couple of these 18ct Gold ones sell in the US for around $1500-ish ..... so that's about £1100 , or E1300. It appears the La Marquand company ceased trading and was "re-born" by one of the junior family members....
  12. I don't trust TRUSTPILOT. Its so easy for business owners to get reviews removed from the site, and so easy to implement false reviews . Its rather curious for instance, how many buyers "would not go anywhere else" and reviews that used that precise phrase were posted on the 17th , 18th and 22nd of August 2020 !? Whats a co-incidence given that the publication lag for reviews means that those "reviewers" would never have been able to see the others and be unconsciously biased..... like I say ...... I DON'T trust TRUSTPILOT one little bit.
  13. I love your "someone throws a stick and you chase it" approach to watch collecting ,,, its ultimately refreshing.
  14. Breitling watches with these types of movements tend to work well within spec out of the box .... and then when they start to lose time , its usually a sign of a service required and they lose time a lot [ more than your variance ] and because yours is new, its not looking like that issue obviously. However, rarely, some "new" watches that have been warehoused [ rather than shop displayed and occasionally wound have] had this issue , across many brands that use that base movement. In this event Breitling will prematurely service it under warranty.
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