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  1. When comparing your Balls , just don't get hung up on size....
  2. Fairly pricey for Chinese contract watches ,,, but don't look horrible ...
  3. Yep , first to admit it is weird ... but its just there ...
  4. The problem is partly the illusion caused by the relatively thin bezel and the large dial .... that looks huge, but because its large and partly because it looks larger than it is. This effect is perfectly illustrated by putting a Longines conquest at 41mm , next to 44mm Breitling Colt. The Longines looks bigger.
  5. I would not subject myself to ritual that is demanded to try to attempt to buy a Rolex these days ... too much self respect for that ... Also , there are a few brands with names that just make me recoil.... Raymond Weil is one , I know its in some ways illogical , but I can't be doing with that name ...
  6. You appear defensive because you now realise your watch perhaps looks ridiculous because its too big on a small wrist !? .... salesman's dream eh !? "..... of course Sir , that watch is hardly noticeable on your wrist , I need a loupe just to spot if it is even there .... " Forgetting all the Moony hype and all that , I still think the OP will choose wisely if he goes Racing rather than falling for all the hype etc etc
  7. If he tried on that and then tried on the Racing , the Moony would in comparison wear like a dinner plate I reckon .. It's all horses for courses and optical illusions play a part. Also its not all about the wrist circumference alone, it's the hand bone shapes and how the hand "fans" out or does not. But in this case it's about comparisons. The Date lineage of watches are bottom-of-case heavy and have the physical presence whilst having the more diminutive size and profile. It depends what you want from your watch I guess .....
  8. The Racing variant you have listed is the last of the Speedmaster "date" lineage and its is a fantastic watch for the money ... That will almost certainly be the watch for you given the wrist size. The Moonwatch will most probably look ridiculous on your wrist ,,,, 7 inch wrists is about the minimum for a moony. I owned the date version one release before that "racing" model and it was the nicest chrono I have ever worn. I only flipped it because I had the chance to get a Breitling Colt that was unworn but deleted variant. I will most probably buy another "date" lineage Speedy in the future ... one of the most underrated watch lines ever made in my opinion. My wrists are 7.5 and I tried on the "date" and the "moony" at the same time and it was no contest. Moony was a lovely watch but did wear a bit big , presumably because of the basic dial pulling that optical illusion. Do you have 6.5 inch wrists ?
  9. Yep ,,, the GMT issues it appears are solved , but now there are BB issues ,,, just going through their "blip" as TAG did 48-24 months ago with the Aquaracer....
  10. Personally I would flip ... and get a watch that is more suited ... a bit more in-your-face with regards legibility ...
  11. Panerai is one exception I can think of , may be getting the entry level white dialled Luminor on rubber in July if I try it on and I like it , would never ever buy or wear a Pan on a metal bracelet , but for virtually all other brands/models , I completely agree...
  12. Yep ! .. that was the outfit that was eluding me to be honest .. a good friend of mine only owns a couple of watches , but one is a Chanel and he got a beautiful strap from Steveo... the quality for the outlay was sublime ....
  13. I would be tempted to get an after market bespoke one ,,,
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