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  1. And what better way to celebrate your new purchase !
  2. The all number dial was never a massive hit , possibly because back in the day Omega Seamaster Divers in quartz were A. being sold and B. were not massively more expensive than the Hydro.... It may have looked totally different ( I remember hearing that was deliberate so as not to pull customers away from the Omegas ) ... Now it's a different story. The all number variants in mint condition sell for more than the younger versions and a Minty NOS one sold a few weeks back on the Bay for over a Grand.... that speaks volumes me thinks about how they are regarded.
  3. For some models yes indeed , it's why TAG trade in values to used dealers are sometimes tragically low compared to many Swatch brands....
  4. They updated the movement and then decided to facelift the dial to "make it more contemporary yet retailing a classic nuance" I believe was stated at Baselworld that year if my memory serves me well ( don't put money on it thought ..... )
  5. I really loved mine ... but bought it to use as a beater and the scratch-magnetism just did not work for me... moved it on to fund my Seamaster 300M which is not scratch proof by any stretch of the imagination but less so. I still think TAG quartz F1 watches are pretty decent value if bought at 25% off ... its their entry watch obviously but I like them. Also some of the Carrera Chronograph watches are fabulous.
  6. Not in his budget , plus I had one for a few months and was seriously underwhelmed for the price. It was a £1600 watch that I paid £1100 for new and although nice enough, the bracelet was polished in butter I assume it scratched so easily. Great watch , but Tags between £1K and £2K often represent very poor value for money.
  7. I have a buddy who has seen and fallen for the Hydroconquest black dial ceramic.. I then showed him the out-going steel bezel version and he is now torn... Spec appears to win over on the newer one , but aesthetics seem to for the older one which he thinks he now prefers .. he can get the older model for £700 and the new one for £1000 , both NEW AD stock. What do people think about these two ... I edge towards older but will the steel bezel tarnish too easily for a sports watch that may get daily wear !?
  8. Loving this .... especially the crystal ....
  9. Where's that bloody @Nigelp !?... look what he's started !!
  10. Just read the posts properly.... I was not talking about you. I was referring to the watch in the link by @Nigelp. It's that watch that is on sale for £18,000. Not everything is about you. Just read the posts properly. The forum rules are sound and I am perfectly entitled to state that in my option I think someone who pays £18K for a £9K steel watch that sails close to the price of a white gold one is an idiot IF THEY THINK THEY HAVE AN INVESTMENT.
  11. One of the most classic iterations in my opinion... I usually avoid bi-metals but thats superb...
  12. I owned the Burgundy Bezel version for a few months and its a fantastic watch. But I did tire of the aesthetics in the end. So my hunch is the GMT. Bracelet all the way , and a Hirsh James would be my choice of leather for it ... [ because its both leather and waterproof ... and the Tudor leather deployant strap is poor in my view ]
  13. Its only perceived as crap due to your inability to read things properly. The facts are extremely simple , even for you to understand. Demand for steel Rolex sports exceeds the restricted supply. Demand for PR Rolex sports does not. Inflated secondary prices for steel Daytonas that approach the white gold RRP for the model are clearly no guaranteed investment and only a complete idiot would think so. Sure people with more money than to care about investments will buy and enjoy, but I think its easy for most people to understand that buying a £9k steel watch for £18K , when that is only just short of a PR option ,,,, is a watch bought "because you can" rather than anything "smart"... Anyway , shouldn't you be busy trying to sell Sentsy or Mary Kay !? I hear its a fabulous investment ......
  14. PM variants are in demand ( esp' middle East ), they just make more of them because their margins on them are sky high. [ Sigh ] Time for you to get back onto your broker and sell High, buy Low ..
  15. Willing people can occasionally be idiots. Regards the Daytona.... Without too much trouble, anyone can source a white gold one for around RRP with a short wait , or about £2K premium to short cut that wait..... so it does not take a genius to realise that there is only so much "investment ceiling" that the steel ones can accommodate. I can understand someone paying a £5k premium for a £9k watch , after all people still buy Peugeots .... but paying £18K for a watch that you can get looking almost identical in precious metal for not too much more is just a bit daft..... in my humble opinion as one who does not fawn and drool simply to impress others....
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