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  1. The picture in your OP looks like a $10 crane machine special from the amusement arcade to many people... So as stealthy as it gets possibly...
  2. As someone who will be on the hunt for a PAM in the coming months ... there is no way I would risk that particular model being bought on a punt. They are just too easily faked ..... I would only buy pre-owned from a B&M source with history ....
  3. There you go .. I shine the Bat Signal into the sky,,,, and Batman appears ....
  4. @yokel has one of the finest examples you will ever see ... a truly sublime watch ...
  5. yep , need to try one on .... it will be an instant yes or no I am sure ....
  6. I'll be honest , didn't like these at first ,,, however ,,, really starting to appreciate the aesthetics of the new SOs.... and may end up with one later this year if I don't grab a white dial Panerai Luminor .... we shall see ...
  7. Bremont is an established Watch Manufacturer. They are not a micro brand under any definition.
  8. Union is sublime ..... the others for me are a tad "medical" in aesthetics ....
  9. I'll take the 5th on that .... Completely agree though , watches are weird, I would not wear Jaydeep's watch in a million years but I really really like it .... its the sort of watch that jaunty chaps who wear their caps at rake-ish angles would wear
  10. Trying very hard to dislike it .... but failing .... thumbs up from me ..
  11. Yeh I get that .... my point is perhaps more about autos not getting the "winding attention" they deserve ... I am possibly going to buy a Panerai manual wind this year if I try one on and it wears well .... so I get the manual thing, hopefully soon to join the club ...
  12. Shaking a watch will do precisely nothing of harm to it unless you are a loon .... you can still feel the point near full tension on the spring with autos if you wind slowly .... There is not a huge amount of difference if you think about it between manual and auto in many many instances.
  13. They would not "sell you a box", they would post one to you for nothing ... or completely ignore you ...
  14. Longines spindle work is not always as robust as it should be , so I agree ... My Conquest has a dodgy crown spindle , its only 2 years old .... nothing bad enough to "get fixed" but still , not all together splendid ....
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