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  1. His best ever joke : " My mother in law is so ugly, when she enters our house, the mice throw themselves onto the traps "
  2. We told you to stay off that Ann Summers Website ....
  3. 100m is not rated for diving. That depth rating is only rated for shallow water activities. For actually diving ( below around 10 metres ) you would need 200m , and have that printed on a watch that did not come from Ali Express.
  4. Hublot watches are great wrist pieces but vastly over priced for what they are. Both Omega co-axial movements fabulous and no significant different although the smaller movement is an older variant ...
  5. No brainer from that list in my opinion ... The Omega AT is the better proposition all round. But it does wear a tad "big" so try it on and also compare with the 39mm white faced AT .... 4 and 5 will be "Volvos" [ they will loose 30% of their value the moment you drive them off the forecourt ] 3 I assume you put in to make sure we are all still awake .... 2. means you need to bend over and get a cavity search at a smarmy Rolex AD so ..... it smells options 1 all day long ... :-)
  6. Is that a square-ish edged crystal or a domed one ? ( Assuming its mineral ) , gotta say I love that old school look .... bravo ....
  7. If I went to a one-watch collection , I would probably either keep my Breitling Colt ..... or give that to my lad and buy an Omega AT 39mm ..... But whilst I loiter in the 4-6 watches collection total , I am happy to rotate my Breilting and my 300M for weekly use m so never really thought about it , but no , there is not a show stopper out there for me ...
  8. Your watch actually looks edible ......
  9. Decent looking watches but ridiculous price .... would have been nice to have seen a more accessible version ....
  10. Great watch.... The Only Rolex I would own actually given the choice, the no date Sub. .... :-)
  11. All roads lead to Rome , Almost all reasonably priced watch conversations lead to Seiko.
  12. I don't mix in those circles .....
  13. Whoever told you that clearly does not enjoy Mexican cuisine ... Salsa is the Mexican condiment salad and of course contains tomatoes.... Then there is the wonderful fruit the "tomatillo" , which in salad form gives us the splendid Salsa Verde ... Was the person that told you that a fan of 1970s Situation Comedies per chance ?
  14. Especially when the most popular Alloy used on the planet is actually Steel and Stainless steel. Furthermore , all gold used in watches is an alloy of Gold for very very obvious reasons. I blame the education system.
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