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  1. Because as a species in the late 1970s we decided it was time to dumb down progressively to welcome our own extinction ...
  2. The Logarithmic Bezel scale on a "traditional" pilots watch was what for me makes a "proper" pilots watch. Back in the day many pilots used to use one to have a double check/calibration on their fuel-to-destination calculations. Pilots of basic aircraft I dare say may still use them.... I would assume time zone watches were just gimmicks mostly even "in their day".... when the time cold be changed easily and all instructions and settings were GMT anyway...
  3. When My Grandmother lost Dirk , His best mate John "Jock" Hay who he worked with at Thornycroft in Woolston on the Isaac Sweers said he would look after her.... years later they married. Jock was who I knew as my grandfather until I was old enough to be told. He volunteered for the arctic convoys and was based in Reykjavik once his scheduled Engineering work at the Thornycroft yard was completed. He was torpedoed twice in two different ships and survived. Dirk and Jock were working some of the most dangerous waters of world war 2. Men of courage and for me heroes. The facts numbers are growing for remembrance is heartwarming given some of the deliberately provocative negativity from some so-called politicians. There is hope for the future after all !?
  4. My Grandfather, Dirk Plooy, Torpedoed near Algeria whilst serving on HNLMS Isaac Sweers. Over half the ships company were lost.
  5. One of my mates is a BA pilot and he wears a Breilting Colt Auto .... " because he thinks it's cool " .... not because it helps him land at Innsbruck ...
  6. Looks like a child's watch to me..... Aesthetics are too obvious. TBH I will pleased when the current over-fad of Heritage dies back a bit. I like fresh and new , heritage in retained Brand features is one thing, but constanly aping watches of yesteryear I hope will soon give way to a new "thing" .... grump over ....
  7. Showed my lad this original thread before I posted my reply and he said EXACTLY what you said ... he said it in an African Witch Doctor accent.
  8. Don't see the point in them..... just buy a better, smaller phone !?
  9. I've bought from this guy .... here is a nice example ..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OMEGA-SPEEDMASTER-REDUCED-3510-50-AUTO-CHRONO-TRAVEL-CASE-1-YR-GTEE-2-STRAPS/372831325266?hash=item56ce7a8c52:g:eDoAAOSwYv9dttSx
  10. I was amazed regarding the ticket prices .... I mean they expect haggling etc etc but £2000 !? Is it just because its Dubai !? I am assuming he get enough people paying half that for watches. Incredible.
  11. The student I have just helped in Maths spent the half term in Dubai with his folks. He is 14 and fairly savvy for his age. Last week they were in a shop in a more "local" area where his mother was shopping for £2000 handbags ,amazingly on sale there for £200 The lad got bored and went out for some air. He was approached my a small polite man who simply said : " Do you like very nice watches sir at very nice prices ?" The smart reaction of course would have been "no" but he said "yes". The small skeletal man put a friendly arm around his shoulder and murmured "this way please" and led him into the bakery he was stood next to. Once in the bakery he was led to a staff lobby at the back where an "enormous hairy man in a vest" smiled at him and said "this way for watches" ..... Still not thinking about his situation he went with the gorilla and was led to a small upstairs room with a rug on it and was invited to sit down on the floor. The Gorilla bought over a small table and offered him some tea. And then fetches a chest that looked like a pirates chest ( how very apt ) which he opened to divulge bespoke hinge out cabinets full of watches still with plastics and cellos on. The lad tried on several watches and being a young watch enthusiast he can report they were convincing and priced around £500-£2000 each depending on type. When asked if he wanted to buy , he wisely said "maybe , but my dad is in the bag shop and he has my money , I need to go find him" and he exited the building with no hassles and the Gorilla thanked him for his time etc etc ... He told his dad about this, who visited the place 3 days later to buy bread and was also "invited to look at watches" but declined. The guy handed him his bread and rolled up his sleeve to show him his wonderful luxury watch and prompted his dad to try it on, which he did. His summary was "extremely convincing, but feeling unbalanced weight wise" ( he knows his watches ) He did not tell his mother and we have all agreed that's best. I have never been to Dubai and have absolutely no desire to. But has anyone else here experienced "very nice watches at very nice prices" there !?
  12. Ah ,,, if you paid a deposit then you would have a legal right to the item at the original price ,,, but they know you won't pursue your rights. Personally if it was me, no matter how much I liked the watch, I would tell them to **** off .... but I understand people who are in love with the watch bending over on this one and slowly exhaling.
  13. Nope . they are too precise a "proper diver" ... for an heirloom watch , I would consider choosing a more diverse watch.
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