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  1. It's not a method that will afford sellers or buyers protection from the eBay scheme. You can use that method but its not wise unless you know the seller/buyer fairly well ( ie recommended or used them before etc etc )
  2. A buddy of mine at the local curry house on the face of it does not come across as a watch savvy person and in these unfortunate times when often people judge books by their covers all too often, I guess I could forgive many for assuming the same about him. However having enquired about his new watch I notice on him yesterday evening as I was waiting for my Chicken Vindaloo with pilau rice and plain naan, it transpired that he is very savvy and quite determined to get treated fairly. The watch it turns out is a fairly rare Datejust model with diamond indices, only about a dozen made their way into the UK and there are to be no more. He spotted one in Scottish retailers window after one of his mates had WhatsApp'd a picture to him. He noticed there was a branch of that retailer in his neck of woods so off he trots. He asks them if they will please get the watch sent down so he can try it on with a view to purchase and they told him he had to pay a £2000 initial payment on the watch in order to do that. He abruptly spun on his heels and was walking out when he was ushered back in politely and they agreed instantly to get the watch in for him to try on , gratis. A week later he was back there and trying on the watch. Perfect he said , except i need just one more link for that bracelet , otherwise it's not fitting correctly. Certainly Sir they said , that will be £240 for the link. "Naaaaaaaaaaaa" was his response. "I would buy this watch now , in full , at the ticket price if it fitted correctly, shame it doesn't" And as he spun to leave miraculously another Rolex was whipped out of a drawer and a spare link "found" so it did fit. He bought it and its his daily. Being someone who has derided bejewelled Rolex watches as a consistent pastime , I had to eat my hat on this particular watch.... It really is the mutts nuts and it was heartening to hear that he did not get pushed around by the retailer playing the holier-than-thou game and he got his watch under reasonable terms.
  3. It's not about eBay policies in isolation in my view , it's how to run a hosting operation for selling/buying whilst also complying with distance selling laws. The "power" must always remain with the buyer , eBay's biggest single decline in any given year was around 2006 just prior to them giving buyers more rights ( in the days before DSRs ) , before that it was a gangsters paradise for corrupt and dishonest sellers. My only criticism of eBay these days is that they allow non-UK sellers to con UK buyers into thinking they are buying from the UK and don't do anything about it because the Chinese sellers in question make eBay millions.
  4. Its never possible for you to leave negative feedback for a buyer !? There is no option for that. Also , this selling experience is possibly not actually that bad really is it !? You will get your money if he does not post it back , and if he does then you will get your seller fees refunded etc etc and you can re-list it.... I have been selling on the Bay for 2 decades , 15 years of those as a volume seller , so I do feel your pain. But in the spectrum of "selling nightmares" , yours is no where near as bad as it can get in rare cases of buyer fraud and buyer negligence etc etc ... Its entirely possible that your buyer is off radar for a while, it happens.... hopefully he won't return and you will get the sale processed....
  5. the company appears to be run by Shraga Deblinger who has a current LTD company active in the UK as a watch wholesaler ( note , not retailer ) ... The company "Jeweliana Ltd" that he ran was dissolved in 2016. His current company has liquid assets of a quarter of a million pounds which would be consistent with his stock as advertised. So it does indeed appear like a legitimate UK watch retailing concern , not a Chinese drop shipping scam ....
  6. The Maestro is one of their lines that I personally would wear. In those two watches they have carefully blended two facets that is hard to merge , textured detailing and concentric pattern. I actually pointed a mate of mine earlier this year to one of these watches.... must ask him when I next see him if he pulled the trigger... I think the "lazy" tag came from their efforts a decade or so ago to mimic other watch companies styling but seemingly going about it in a clumsy fashion. The Tangos of that period being a case in point.
  7. I do admire RW actually as a watchmaking company. The problem I have is a bit historic really. Over the years the build quality of their watches could be described I supposed as a tad random. Currently I know they are a tighter ship and do offer some good value watches in their Autos... But for me its also their styling which is just a bit lazy at times. Still, a lot for a lot of folks to admire and I can understand why they are so popular especially since they are always on sale and so the prices usually are reasonable....
  8. My wife was duped into signing up for one of those "rewards" sites , which was her fault I guess , but that reward site gave our bank details to a sister company and they used our bank account details to take money without any cause or agreement whatsoever. Basically they tried to steal money from us. I posted the review on Trustpilot for both companies including references and emails etc etc and within 3 months both reviews were removed whilst fake +ve ones remained.
  9. This is amazing case where perhaps 99.9% of the population would suspect a Romanian thief stealing a watch because thats what all the evidence points to.... but what do you know !? It turns out not to be the case......
  10. Trustpilot pay a VERY devious game. ALL my reviews were verified. But they get pressured by some of the "big boys" and then move the goal posts. I had about 80 reviews with them , only about 6 or 7 negative , but they ALL vanished after about a year and then when I asked about it , I had to "produce" evidence which for a long time ago was not straight forward. I would not trust Trust pilot and more fool anyone who does. They are dishonest. But if he did , that would represent a very desperate and crass attempt to drum up interest !?!? surely not !?!?
  11. TrustPilot is itself a scam website , ALL my negative reviews of other websites were slowly "vanished" over time.... I would never advise anyone to trust trust pilot. Regards the Jeweliana site , looks legit to me and is UK based and not drop shipping so all should be good....
  12. There is actually no reason usually to remove a watch prior to walking through or standing in the security scanner..... They are set up to accommodate watches , rings and any other usually visible metal adornments....
  13. For many US internal flights Phones, watches and coin-cash have to come out of the bag.... same with laptops,ipads and small electricals... usually smaller airports with limited scanning equipment.....
  14. Or perhaps Peter Richardson playing Peter Wyngarde playing Jason King...
  15. Generally good watches ... good value ... well made. Longines are much much better for the money , but thats not to say RW are not decent watches , because they are....
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