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  1. I wore a £4k watch as a daily from 2007 to 2017 and the only time I actively avoided wearing it out was when we as a family visited Scavii Pompeii near Napoli which is a Den of thrives and villainy .... That said I agree with the comments on Rolex. Sink Estate Gangstas can smell one of those like a Shark smells a wounded Tuna from 10 miles away.
  2. This "real dick" has been wearing his Casio Solar G-shock for over a month now with no exception and has been very very very busy. Popped in to read when time allowed. Not commented, not because I have gone anywhere but because other more pressing matters have occupied my time and that of my close family and their businesses. On the subject of Christopher Ward watches ..... great watches ..... at the right price. Hope all are fabulous here .... without exception ....
  3. Superoceans are amazing watches for the money....
  4. Yeh , back in the day , we never looked at our wrists.... rationing and all....
  5. Just wear it and enjoy it , when it gets its first full service they will polish out the scratches,,,, Enjoy your new watch ...
  6. I must say , on you , its the OP all day long .....
  7. Not for me it seems .... Tried on the 39mm OP , liked it , but not loved it. So did not buy it. Fabulous little watch though I must admit, but the Omega for me has more presence.
  8. I could have made a quick £600 on the white dialled one ..... all lined up if I agreed etc etc ,,, but its just not my bag. The guy second on the list for AD to phone for me had dibs on it. I don't like throwing money away, but also don't like making money the "wrong" way. The black and white dialled OPs are very sought after currently so are a certain purchase if residuals are important.
  9. I was offered a white dialled 39mm OP at a dealer last month and declined it after trying it on. The dealer was astonished I didn't buy it to make a quick few hundred quid. He said as much.
  10. You are best advised to find a Reduced from a trade seller who has either an Omega service with the watch , or will offer a years warranty. I personally would not buy a Reduced from a private buyer ... :-)
  11. Rado ,,, please release a 40mm,, Golden Horse is white dial
  12. The Rolex for me was underwhelming .... Nice watch, but just nice. The Omega Is a much better watch on almost all levels for me , apart from ( as mentioned ) the bracelet is illogical for a general "sports" watch. If Omega did the white faced vision on a 41mm without the daft "orange" ticker then I would already own one on a strap.... but hey ho.
  13. Gold is always a safe haven .... it usually corrects slowly ( unlike stocks ). A difficult market to play.
  14. No I get it .... many people don't like the "just in case" potential features of plastic crystal. They do have their charm though , a certain warmth ... so I never diss them.
  15. Ahah .... actually you have hit a very interesting nail on a very interesting head. If a watch is being sold , then its because I "didn't get on with it" and hence its been worn only a couple of times ... hence all the watches I have sold in the last 4 years have been minty..... The exception is the Avenger I have for sale at the moment , that was worn every day for a decade , then fully refurb-serviced and then only worn a couple of times since. But all my other watches that have been worn and taken a few minor knocks I would not consider selling..... So won't. Thems is my rules ....
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