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  1. The Brand has done the opposite of deteriorate ... watches are better value now , better made , upgraded movements and features and are always available at 20% off RRP as a minimum. Many Omega watches have risen in price by about 30% in 40 months and still represent value in some model lines , but there is also some pi55 take with regards value , like nearly £4K for a manual wind watch from yesteryear based on nothing new really since the watch a decade earlier that cost half as much. For Omega the best value buys at the moment are pre-owned Speedmaster Date models from 2005-2015 and Aqua terra watches from 2012-ish.... in my opinion.... Back to Longines ... the current Conquest Auto for around £600-ish after discount is just about the best watch of its type you can buy. 200M depth rating , running to Chronometer rating even though not rated as one, solid build, exquisite dial, amazing bracelet but looks like a different watch on a Hirsch .... etc etc etc ( can you tell I have one ... LOL ..... ) I can honestly say all five of my watches are equally as good value for what they are against what I paid. Perhaps avoid brand generalisations and take each watch on its merits. Happy hunting
  2. Yep it looks legit and its a decent watch model from Longines ....
  3. I had one of these for about a year .... along with its close Solar variant .... sold both to a surfer in Hawai'i ..... So if you are ever in Maui then look out for your twin
  4. I tried one of these on recently and can confirm they are amazing for the money. My only nit-pick was the blued hands tend to reflect light in odd ways and just looked weird at some angles... if the hands were black ... it would have been pretty much perfect for me. Bracelet quality outstanding by the way ....
  5. Interesting story on Corguet.... Although they behave as untouchable in copying others IP rights.... they rowed back pretty sharpish on their use of the exact same Tudor rose on the crowns of some of their homages/copies a couple of years ago. They replaced it with a coloured crown ends on the BB copies.....
  6. You are redeemed.... Bravo for your attention to detail....
  7. I would have to agree with this ... Its a serious dive watch and has unique appeal amongst it competitors... a tad too big for me but fabulous watch.
  8. Loving this .... great proportions esp the longer hands ... did you get it New ? If so where can these be got ( assuming there is still no UK AD ) ... a bud of mine is drooling over this watch ....
  9. No , not very knowledgeable about such matters but this is such an interesting thread , I will do some digging when I get time today .... as will others more versed in watch mechanics than me I suspect ... Have a look here .... could be a Fontainemelon or A. Schild https://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/movements.php#fontainemelon3
  10. The term "trench watch" is often used to loosely refer to watches of that era in some quarters. Mens watches only really dropped significantly in size post 1930 for a while .... Its a beautiful watch, but it's not near the issue sizes for mens trench watches, however, I wonder if it was issued to a medical corp support unit in which case the lume would make logical sense. I suspect this may have been a military watch worn by a female medical support operative. Octagonal shape in that era also would suggest female. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination on any of these matters but intuitively it does appear to be a service watch....
  11. With the curious exception ( and possibly others ) of the US market in the late 2000s ... when Rolex pulled Tudor from that market altogether for strategic reasons and to avoid the "X3 effect". [ The now infamous example of BMW introducing a model that once sales figures were analysed seemed only logically to be competing at a cheaper price to one other vehicle ,,,, their own X5 ].
  12. Yep , fantastic watch ... just did not suit my wrist shape ... but would always recommend. I love my Omega Seamster 300M , it fits perfectly for me , but honestly the BB is a more attractive watch....
  13. You are the Speedy Gonzalez of the watch forum.... LOL .... Yep the leather was fabulous , but the design was flawed. The buckle adjustment nipple eventually made the leather strap hole wider and the first time I realised this I was drying a wine glass with a dish cloth and my watch went flying across the kitchen ... thankfully ( amazingly ) landing on a spare dining room chair seat foam inner that I had forgot to put away ..... I sold it on eBay actually stating the flaw and the reason I was selling it ( to help finance a new bracelet ) expecting to get a few quid for it ... and someone STILL bought it for £150 !!!
  14. The watch world thrives on differences that are barely noticeable. I really enjoyed my BB ... the flat case was not a main issue in itself , but due to my wrist profile the sharp lug ends were.... Its still a watch I always recommend to people who ask me about watches whilst pointing out that feature ... oh and the fact the leather strap mine originally came on was crap.
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