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  1. agreed but the prices on that Breitling site seem very realistic .... yes the odd clown tries it on , but on the whole I have been impressed by the chat on there , for instance if someone places a watch on there over priced, then comments soon follow to that effect .... [ On that subject , I try to sell privately at prices that sit logically within the spectrum ... example on my Skyland , High Street trade in = £1200 , Online Trade buyer price = £1500 , High Street Used Price from dealer = £2800 , Online Trade seller Price = £2500 , so my private price £2000ish seems fair all round. ]
  2. Not always .... The vast majority of counterfeiting industry does indeed pander to those people... however there is a small % of super-fakes that are produced for the sole purpose of deception. As I mentioned previously , there are very few models that are A. Actually super-faked or B. Would be cost effective to do so .... but they are out there and they do prey on the unsuspecting. In 2016 , a local independent Jeweller near me took in an omega PO to value for a trade in from a customer. He opened the back and the movement was counterfeit. The customer was astonished and it turns out he had bought the watch from a reputable seller at a reputable venue. He contacted the seller, and was refunded. It turned out to be a genuine error and involved a rare oversight by the original seller. This Jeweller has only seen a couple of these "super fakes" in the decade or more that he has been trading in this area.... His exact words to me were "One for every 400 bits of copied junk that I turn away" So it does put it into perspective. In my chit-chats with people over the years , it appears that the more accurate and convincing counterfeits do not originate from China and are the result of organised crime gangs in Europe and the Middle East.
  3. Thats why I think "Sell Your Breilting Watch" is a very decent page , every post goes through admin first , all photos must have name and date on each image , so at the very least , counterfeits are screened out mostly at that stage. Thats of course not to say that the seller is readying a scam whereby the watch is not what you will actually get etc etc and of course pit falls to be avoided , but by and large its a decent starting place I would say for that brand at least. I would never use a "generic" selling site like gumtree or shpock to sell , but the odd genuine bargain pops up on those sites , usually the non-savvy who are riding themselves of an expensive gift or expensive mistake and are not WIS by any stretch of the imagination....
  4. Interested to hear what ( if any ) experiences the fine folk on here have had with social media watch selling pages/sites. I just discovered "Sell you Breitling Watch" on FB and its a well run pretty tight page , with some fabulous buying opportunities ... I was really surprised to be honest !? Also , a couple of other tools on FB from my business pages seem to have been good at spreading the net wide and I found a couple more dedicated brand pages ... again with really keen prices on many items ... one example was this morning I got an alert for a Tudor BB Steel Full Box and Papers , Mint for £2k UK seller ... [ by the way , PM me if interested in that watch , I spoke to him this morning about that watch ].... Has anyone else tried social media for buying and selling ? To be honest I have been pleasantly surprised, well run pages , anti-scam procedures etc etc ....
  5. BMW knew their Cam Chain design fault was a major problem and hid it for a few years ... then when it became obvious. all dealerships in Europe acted with ethics.... except in the UK.... I would never trust BMW(UK) ever again....
  6. Have you checked the days are not on a 14 sector rotation , with every other day being the same as previous only in English ? If that is the case, then the date in English can be selected once and then automatically sticks to the pattern.... This is quite a common way to do a day wheel , my last seiko had : "Mon Lun Tue Mar Wed Mer Thu Jeu Fri Ven Sat Sam Sun Dim " on the wheel.
  7. Yes I know a couple of engineers who lecture/read/research at local Universities and they mentioned a couple of techniques and options for kit etc etc ...One was of the opinion that in the case of watches , it's probably easier to try to detect what should not be there rather than what should be there. In the case of fake watches , then it could be heavy hydrocarbons residue which can be detected fairly easily..... A guy I used to hang with was heavily into his counterfeits and once showed me one of his "sources" , it was a forum run by some dude in the Emirates... and was attached to an organisation that pushed a lot of that sort of stuff in Dubai and similar haunts. The depths of the industry for realistic counterfeits is incredible. The lengths they go to quite astonishing and the more incredible for me was the amount of money people were willing to pay for their counterfeits, knowing full well they were not the real deal. Once i had finished my head scratching .... it was pointed out to me that some of the "craftsmen" involved may take 200 hours to produce something , and get paid peanuts in our terms, but to them, the amount they are earning is making them relatively well off compared to their alternatives. It's exploitation in one sense , but I can see the logic and economics from their point of view. It certainly changed my view of watch buying overnight and now I am firmly in the camp of "know the seller" .... I would never take a punt on buying a luxury pre-owned watch.
  8. I did not think Rolex ADs were allowed to sell used examples at the inflated prices !?
  9. At the end of the day there are ways and means of analysing the traces of the case metal ... a pain in the neck granted ... but its possible and not stupidly expensive.....
  10. Forums like this are about spreading the knowledge , no need to apologise. It's important to understand that certain models from a few brands ( and it is only a few models ) are being convincingly counterfeited. Quite a few brands have this as an issue .... not just Rolex. It's just possibly its easier to fool Rolex buyers on average !? maybe .... [ Oh and I doubt if they come from China by the way ..... ]
  11. Cheers not really super keen to sell it to be honest , saying that just realised I typo'd the price so just corrected that .... I have an option on a watch I am trying on at the weekend but dunno if I will take the plunge .... we shall see ....
  12. yeh I reckon it would shift faster than a nun playing musical chairs.....
  13. wouldn't you prefer a nice shiny minty Breitling Avenger Skyland !? I just happen to notice someone has listed one in the sales section !
  14. I would look up Prestige-watches on eBay and ask him to give you a price ..... a bit less than a private sale but he may offer you a price [ he may not , it may be a bit high for his stock ... ] agreed , avoid selling that privately on the Bay .... recipe for problems .... [ selling to established trade sellers obviously a different matter ].
  15. Neither are my croissant-de-jour but the CWC looks clean, fresh and attractive. The Hammy looks like it's sad....
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