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  1. Seriously underrated movie... The soundtrack was by Rachael Portman, who also did the score for Chocolat.... Wonderful acting by Sam Neill and Portia De Rossi... so-so acting from Elle MacPherson and Tara Fitzgerald..... but none the less , one of the best movies of 1994 and a hidden classic.
  2. We'll all get through it ... good to hear from you Nigel ...
  3. Self preservation mate ... March 1st this year I went to FaceTime/WhatsApp for all my students ... actually dodged a bullet because my last same-room session with a student February 28th was with a 19 year old who literally collapsed with Covid-19 the day after and spent a week in bed... Thankfully that last session was in a ventilated room with 4 metres distancing .... So given that I am in my 50s and not exactly Charles Atlas ..... who knows how lucky I was Niglet me ole chum ....
  4. Isn't it strange that the word for people from Poland is the same as the stuff you make stuff shiny with .....
  5. Have I just gone back in time pre-Covid !?!?
  6. Don't get me wrong ... they are fabulous watches. To hold, look at, and on the wrist. Quality is extremely good for the ticket price.... It's just whenever I see one, I think "Playmobil" ,,,, not sure why.
  7. Breiltings always should be purchased at discount , 15% as an absolute minimum... 25% achievable ....There is no way that is a four grand watch , but for around £3k its a good shout...
  8. Sorry but this yearning for an ordinary mass produced watch at that price is less than splendid .... Stainless steel is as cheap as chips. The rest of it is not bespoke or artisan, its just mass produced. No Gold, No Platinum, Why would anyone who is not minted anyway spend £10k on a watch worth about £4.5K...... The Omega is so much better. Why did I not mention the tudor !? Because its not as good as the Omega. I just do not understand the tug towards buying things for over twice what they are worth !?!?
  9. If you want a Rolex Sub .... then why not just save for one and in the meantime wear a Seiko.... The new Omegas are superior watches to the Rolex Submariner. The movement is superior , the bracelet is superior , the case is more sculpted.... Its completely illogical to me to spend £3300 on a very nice watch ,,, only in a couple of years to upgrade to an inferior, overpriced watch !?!? Sorry, buts its just daft to me.... Buy the Seamster and enjoy it , they are awesome watches..... The Sub is for old duffers .... [ hides ]
  10. Just go to the credit card company and initiate a refund .....
  11. A old paper round buddy of mine married an Italian at 21 and has lived there ever since.... She works for the UN now in Rome but for a long time worked in an automotive logistics company.... There are two sorts of stereotypes valid ones and invalid ones ...
  12. I made sure the next Rover I bought was a Honda ....
  13. And a Fiat and a Ferrari are both equally as flakey if they were assembled in Italy on a Friday afternoon ... :-)
  14. Omega Seamster 300M 2017 Inky Black 41mm ( still have it ) ... Went into an AD to buy something else , came out with it. Never ever crossed my mind to own one ,,,, until I saw it for real.
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