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  1. Thats why the Omega Seamster 300M diver is so popular, the steel bracelet is designed to be perfectly comfortable and to expand very slightly during wearing if needed due to the numerous sub-links ...
  2. I know one thing, Tudor's watch lines are too bloated. Way way too many models now. Being as Rolex is handing tens of millions of pounds worth of grey market profits to people who want their watches, it would seem pretty logical to shrink Tudor production and focus on maybe getting a slice of that pie that is slipping away .... We shall see in March as the watch world once again does its thing...
  3. Its one of reasons I lost interest in watches really during the past couple of years ... It will blow itself out , watches are "the new thing" for the bored wanna-bes and they will eventually move on to something else. After a manic time with work , I recently found time again to dip back into the pool and its clear, things are very very different to just a couple of years ago... It does not take a brain surgeon to work out that speculation on ordinary mass produced items only goes so far before everyone cries chicken , or the market runs out of speculators ... interesting couple of years a head .. :-)
  4. "sub-luxury" watches buying-and-selling is a distressing game.... It's why I will never have more than a fistful of watches. I admire a lot of you guys on here , really hard core collectors , I am not worthy , but its not a game I like to play. This is a brilliant thread for newbies , there are certainly many different sorts of watch enthusiasts ...
  5. Amen to this ,,,, NEVER buy a watch on credit ,,,, unless its IFC and part of a plan ... If you can not afford it then it's not that important.
  6. Three versions .... your old one which was a lone star , then the latest lineage of the "date" speedies form 2016 , then the ridiculously priced two register versions which are too big , too expensive and vulgar ... :-)
  7. Another obvious one to the experienced but possibly less obvious to the rookie , If you must venture into an AD that holds Rolex as one of its brands, and you feel like you must enquire about said watches,,,, NEVER punch the AD no matter how condescending and snotty they get and no matter how much you are ridiculed.
  8. Yours was not the same as the 2016 Speedmaster Racing watches ... they were co-axial movements, almost all indies won't service them ... [ MW has a white dialled version in their listings ]
  9. I once was chatting to an AD who was in the process of selling me my Omega 300M and I will never forget this ironic part of the conversation ; ME - " Yep, this is stunning I will have it " HIM - " Yes , this is a wonderful watch , do you have many watches ? " ME - " Five at the moment but its never going above six " HIM - " Sensible move sir, I have seen too many people walk through these doors who 'got into watches' and my advice is 'NEVER get into watches' ...
  10. If you need to see the month printed on your watch ... then you are beyond having the time as a useful concept ... in my honest opinion.
  11. YES ... they are amazing watches ... I only sold mine to fund another omega ...
  12. RW watches at full retail price are not usually a very sensible purchase in my view. Residuals should not be the primary influence of any purchase but RW residuals can be horrific. Regards the 39mm Racing from Omega. It actually wears large. My perfect watch size is 40mm but I wear a 44mm Breitling Colt that wears small and my old omega date [ basically the same watch as the racing apart from the dial ] did not seem out of place when I swapped between the two. For the money RW watches are pitched at , personally I would be looking at Longines ....
  13. My watches and my families....
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