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  1. Not on Rubber dear boy ..... for Grouse it has to be leather .... made from a recently deceased mososaur ....
  2. Unless you are going grouse shooting I would say its a perfect watch for just about anything ....
  3. Great post .... yes I totally get you .... and have had this sentiment often. Covid has radically altered my life patterns in all sorts of areas, and with watches I have increasing had the "can't be ar5ed with that" vibe.
  4. Have you tried on a non-chronograph version of a Breitling Avenger ?
  5. Manufacturers, when researching their branding/prospective-product-options/innovation , use companies that specifically do not get skewed data by looking in niche places only. off then , this is a forum for watch owners .... [ , come on sort yourself out mate ]
  6. Yes but "we" are only a small percentage of the watch buying world .... the vast majority of lower end luxury watches and higher end entry watches are purchased by casual collectors and single watch wearers ....
  7. Great watches .... bravo .... always stand out in the dealers window ... :-)
  8. Stunning watch ... seriously awesome ... Seiko occasionally nail it , here is proof ... Bravo !!
  9. About 25 years ago in my late 20s I bought my first "luxury" watch , A Breitling Colt. It cost about £1300 back then and was £1100 more than I had ever spent. I just put it on and wore if for 7 years. Every day. It got a few marks and scratches but its a watch after all .... My advice is that if you are going to spend a lot of money on a watch , then wear the bloody thing ... My view may seem a bit laid back but in all honesty life is about living and dings and scratches are a part of the watches "life" .... so I say chill and enjoy .... what ever watch is on your wrist ..
  10. If you are 100% decided on Blue then Breitling for me ... but I do own a 300M in inky black and if you went black or white then defo Omega ...
  11. The word "Patina" cover a multitude of conditions, many are just out-and-out degradation ... deflation can eatery look stylish or tatty.... That where is gets a bit soupy. If a watch is sentimental then tatty is stylish, if its not its not.
  12. Gotta say , this iteration of the AT is my favourite , love the framed date window and more subdued bracelet. Bravo ..... :-)
  13. As mentioned , Chronographs are all about the seals. When I owned my Avenger Skyland I used to swim in the sea with it etc etc , but it was serviced bang on its due date and seals replaced. You may have got really unlucky and washing the watch with soap may have led to degradation of the seals on the pushers. It only takes a minute failure of these because pressure differences during temperature swings means that moisture can literally get sucked into the watch. A full service may be pricey , but ultimately the only fix and not sure I would give that job to a non-Tag centre ....
  14. Love this watch.... our class , slightly too big for me sadly but nonetheless , a classic ... PS - do you have to have compulsory testing on your return to Jersey ?
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