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  1. Non Swiss Rotary watches are occasionally plagued by batches with dodgy crown operation.... It appears this is to do with certain movements being shoe-horned into pre-fabed purchased watch cases. Swiss Rotary watches have missed this problem with the exception of the occasional avenger chrono so its certainly worth keeping vigilant about , especially seeing as the crown issues appear to be apparent from the word go with them.... Other than that , pretty good watches in my view. Well designed and Swiss ones are very well made....
  2. New York auction later this year is expecting to see this watch shift for £100K plus.... its the watch Marlon Brando wore as Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. It was thought lost but resurfaced recently and this is one watch I would love to own.... but suspect is out of my league..... any takers here ?
  3. No they probably would not .... because there are not enough "watch aware" to keep their sales high , the vast majority of their customers are people who "walk in to a jewellers"...
  4. Cost of production and cost to consumers are different things entirely and often muddies the perception. Take a Breilting Colt for instance... it sell for about £3K , costs about £500 core costs to manufacture .. and discounts are always possible so that nearer £2.2K is realistic. So retailers are taking their big slice often and if you think about it , take the huge cost of advertising collateral and spend out of the equation and if Breilting sold their watch solely on their own website and ditched all the Watch-retail-world-gubbins then the same watch would be selling for about £1400. Which just goes to highlight just what poor value some of the kick starters and niche entry level brands actually are and are often selling for prices that are really too high ... but not many people seem to notice.
  5. I on the other hand have several fromages...... and this I find to be most pleasing.... especially as an entree for a pasta based meal...
  6. Sorry , yes I made that sound like he traded in to a dealer.... no he made the deal with his neighbour three doors up....
  7. One of my more unpredictable mates has traded in his Sub no-date for a 2009 Omega Date Speedmaster black dial coupled with a cheque mpt to him for £5k. I asked him why he did that and he said that he tried on a friends Speedy Date and it just felt perfect compared to his Sub which he "was never 100% happy with". So question , has anyone else here trade in for a watch plus cash !? I never have.... the best I have ever achieved is trading in for £1700 to buy for the same amount .... Anyone else got a watch plus cash ?
  8. not if you can tell the time by the sky and horizon....
  9. Use bezels on watches when on a parking meter.... its really handy for that.
  10. Not sure that's true. Take one example... Breilting. They were until 3 years ago making technical profits but once you factored in exceptions and R&D rollouts etc etc they were not making any real profits. So Breitling was sold. Its new owners have turned their fortunes around with breathtaking speed really when compared to industry averages for changing strategic objectives. Breilting are currently selling slightly fewer watches than 3 years ago but make more profit. A lot more. And prices for existing watches did not rise any more than industry average for that period which was roughly 4% every 18 months. There are other examples. Anecdotal evidence suggests customers continue to see value in luxury watches and that position is actually strengthening rather than declining. Some luxury watches are indeed "too expensive" [ £2k plus for a TAG aqua racer for instance is ridiculous IMO ] for what you are getting but on the whole I would say most offer good value for money for product owned.
  11. Judging by the way ADs near me are trying to push Bronze onto customers I would say the game is up for Bronze....
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