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  1. Bremont is an established Watch Manufacturer. They are not a micro brand under any definition.
  2. Union is sublime ..... the others for me are a tad "medical" in aesthetics ....
  3. I'll take the 5th on that .... Completely agree though , watches are weird, I would not wear Jaydeep's watch in a million years but I really really like it .... its the sort of watch that jaunty chaps who wear their caps at rake-ish angles would wear
  4. Trying very hard to dislike it .... but failing .... thumbs up from me ..
  5. Yeh I get that .... my point is perhaps more about autos not getting the "winding attention" they deserve ... I am possibly going to buy a Panerai manual wind this year if I try one on and it wears well .... so I get the manual thing, hopefully soon to join the club ...
  6. Shaking a watch will do precisely nothing of harm to it unless you are a loon .... you can still feel the point near full tension on the spring with autos if you wind slowly .... There is not a huge amount of difference if you think about it between manual and auto in many many instances.
  7. They would not "sell you a box", they would post one to you for nothing ... or completely ignore you ...
  8. Longines spindle work is not always as robust as it should be , so I agree ... My Conquest has a dodgy crown spindle , its only 2 years old .... nothing bad enough to "get fixed" but still , not all together splendid ....
  9. or give the vouchers away .... in exchange for cash ....
  10. A cricket chum of mine bought a "Gucci" from a "store" on the Calle Gerona there and it actually popped like popcorn on the plane home. His "amazing bargain" 200 Euro watch was just junk... Still to this day trying to think of a reason it perished the way it did
  11. Sometimes, insurance companies use an algorithm for their new-for-old adjustments. It replaces what a "similar" sort of watch would cost now and they have a sliding scale of core models matching current range to historic. Companies that use these algorithms pleasantly surprise their claimants as often as they disappoint them. There a couple of companies who just "phone a couple of watch shops" ... which I find amazing to be honest ...
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