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  1. Just a little update, I ended up keeping the pocket watch; I tweaked the timing adjustment using some free software I found on the internet and it keeps the time even better now; my plan is to find a donor case at some point so I can put the movement into, as I really love the face, but hate the tacky gold finish case it's in. I did try to get more info after calling the creative watch company, but although they confirmed it was one of theirs they didn't want to give any more info about who actually made it for them; I have no doubt the movement is swiss - so it's worth keeping because of that.
  2. I found what I was looking for; "pierre renoir" is a trademark / brand name of the creative watch co, birmingham, uk; that particular watch I think is a polished plated one; the style pretty much a clone of the modern "Woodford" or "Royal London" manufactured / branded ones. I'm guessing whoever makes the woodford / royal london ones, made the pierrre renoir ones.
  3. Just to add; after some googling the movement I believe is a modern ETA 6498-1 and the only other thing I've found on the web with a very similar logo is this watch.. Similar logo
  4. Hi, I recently picked up a cheap pocket watch; it's my first pocket watch, but I can't find anything about the Brand name; it's a "Pierre Renoir" one, and it looks very similar to this one; link to similar pocket watch I'm all googled out! all I can find is a Turkish brand called "Pierre Renoir" but with a different logo; I'm new to pocket watches and I have always wanted one; so, I bought this one because I liked the dial on it. Thanks in advance! Jules
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