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  1. Hi I have a J W Benson clock with a broken steel pallet. The diameter is 0.9mm by 5mm long, I have looked in all at the usual suppliers but they are all too big in diameter. Any suggestions before I start making them. thanks Barry
  2. Hi John Rotheram & sons, Nottingham I think, serpent wrapped around a trident. Barry
  3. Hi I am thinking about the purchase of a second hand watchmakers lathe, not new but a good s/h machine. It is a relatively expensive bit of kit with ongoing expenses of collets and accessories. Good old Ebay has a few base machines but accessories can be expensive so the price goes up. I have found a boxed Pultra 10 with a few collects and other bits from a dealer of machines but at €675 I am wondering if I would find it difficult to pick up being able to be productive. Primarily my interest is pocket watches and clocks so would use it for staffs and pivots. I am struggling to justify in my mind that kind of expense although I would love to be able to fix some of the many broken watches that I have. Anybody been through the same dilemma and come out the other side. I already have and use a full size lathe for general jobbing work mostly on my other hobby classic cars. Barry
  4. Hi What is the point of a tachymetre and who ever uses it to measure speed. Barry
  5. Hi That may be a Supadrive head, which is a modified posidrive. Barry
  6. Hi Did you notice crossed arrows on th movement? It looks very much like HAC ( Hamburg America Clock) from Germany. I think they were bought out by Junghans Barry
  7. Hi Steve That's very nice, good find. Is it working? Barry
  8. Hi Could be a cylinder escapement. Barry
  9. Hi I use Flickr it seems ok, but there are many out there for free. Barry
  10. Hi Mike It's well worth a practice first before tackling that rare clock dial. Start with a less expensive dial and as Tourbillon says take time and keep it clean. Barry
  11. Hi That is outstanding, Couaillet Freres were a top carriage clock maker well sought after. No the round one is not a fusee. Your clock puts mine to shame, here's a couple. Barry
  12. Hi Yes it is amazing how accurate they are, once regulated they perform within seconds per week. Here are some of my clocks. Brocantes here are great for picking up clocks for restoration. I am also interested in brass carriage clocks which I also collect. Barry
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