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  1. Hi I have a J W Benson clock with a broken steel pallet. The diameter is 0.9mm by 5mm long, I have looked in all at the usual suppliers but they are all too big in diameter. Any suggestions before I start making them. thanks Barry
  2. Hi John Rotheram & sons, Nottingham I think, serpent wrapped around a trident. Barry
  3. Hi I am thinking about the purchase of a second hand watchmakers lathe, not new but a good s/h machine. It is a relatively expensive bit of kit with ongoing expenses of collets and accessories. Good old Ebay has a few base machines but accessories can be expensive so the price goes up. I have found a boxed Pultra 10 with a few collects and other bits from a dealer of machines but at €675 I am wondering if I would find it difficult to pick up being able to be productive. Primarily my interest is pocket watches and clocks so would use it for staffs and pivots. I am struggling to justify in
  4. Hi What is the point of a tachymetre and who ever uses it to measure speed. Barry
  5. Hi That may be a Supadrive head, which is a modified posidrive. Barry
  6. Hi Did you notice crossed arrows on th movement? It looks very much like HAC ( Hamburg America Clock) from Germany. I think they were bought out by Junghans Barry
  7. Hi Steve That's very nice, good find. Is it working? Barry
  8. Hi Could be a cylinder escapement. Barry
  9. Hi I use Flickr it seems ok, but there are many out there for free. Barry
  10. Hi Mike It's well worth a practice first before tackling that rare clock dial. Start with a less expensive dial and as Tourbillon says take time and keep it clean. Barry
  11. Hi That is outstanding, Couaillet Freres were a top carriage clock maker well sought after. No the round one is not a fusee. Your clock puts mine to shame, here's a couple. Barry
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