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  1. Hi I am thinking about the purchase of a second hand watchmakers lathe, not new but a good s/h machine. It is a relatively expensive bit of kit with ongoing expenses of collets and accessories. Good old Ebay has a few base machines but accessories can be expensive so the price goes up. I have found a boxed Pultra 10 with a few collects and other bits from a dealer of machines but at €675 I am wondering if I would find it difficult to pick up being able to be productive. Primarily my interest is pocket watches and clocks so would use it for staffs and pivots. I am struggling to justify in my mind that kind of expense although I would love to be able to fix some of the many broken watches that I have. Anybody been through the same dilemma and come out the other side. I already have and use a full size lathe for general jobbing work mostly on my other hobby classic cars. Barry
  2. Hi What is the point of a tachymetre and who ever uses it to measure speed. Barry
  3. Hi That may be a Supadrive head, which is a modified posidrive. Barry
  4. Hi Did you notice crossed arrows on th movement? It looks very much like HAC ( Hamburg America Clock) from Germany. I think they were bought out by Junghans Barry
  5. Hi Steve That's very nice, good find. Is it working? Barry
  6. Hi Could be a cylinder escapement. Barry
  7. Hi I use Flickr it seems ok, but there are many out there for free. Barry
  8. Hi Mike It's well worth a practice first before tackling that rare clock dial. Start with a less expensive dial and as Tourbillon says take time and keep it clean. Barry
  9. Hi That is outstanding, Couaillet Freres were a top carriage clock maker well sought after. No the round one is not a fusee. Your clock puts mine to shame, here's a couple. Barry
  10. Hi Yes it is amazing how accurate they are, once regulated they perform within seconds per week. Here are some of my clocks. Brocantes here are great for picking up clocks for restoration. I am also interested in brass carriage clocks which I also collect. Barry
  11. Hi That is lovely, I guess it would have been new in 1892. Have you taken it apart or is that as found. Many small clockmakers made clocks in the country and I guess many of them never signed their work not knowing that 125 years later someone might be interested. I do like painted moonface dials. Way back at the end of the 18th century in France a lot of rich nobility would furnish their chateaux with items that were intended to impress their friends so that might have been how it arrived from London. I found it languishing in a brocante near Bordeaux. The French tend to go for the balloon type highly decorated Comtois clock rather than the straight lace British grandfather so I was able to negotiate a reasonable price together with the fact it was not in working order. I am lucky that both the dial and the movement are signed. Are you a clock collector? Barry
  12. Hi Many thanks for the compliment. I do not know about the pediment, but there is nothing to indicate that it is not original. The movement is engraved J.W.Benson, Ludgate Hill, London. Serial number is 10277. It is great working on these old movement such care taken in the manufacture, it still keeps perfect time after all these years. After strip, clean and oil the only thing I needed to replace were the gut weight lines, I think it was neccessary, the strike weight is 11Kgs The dials were re-waxed and silvered. Here are a couple of pictures of the movement. Barry Hi Oh yes I forgot, I had to make a new pendulum suspension as well. Barry
  13. Hi Just finished restoring a J. W.Benson of London grandfather clock. The movement was in bad condition when I bought it and the case was in need of TLC. I am now very happy and it gives a nice satifying tic/toc with a chime on the hour. I guess it is late 19C although it is difficult to date as Benson did not make too may grandfathers concentrating on watches and mantle clocks. Barry
  14. Hi Looks very much like an old Jappy Freres movement. Barry
  15. Hi Simon Thanks for the post. As I said It's a cal 18LPB. I have managed to find one from one of my contacts in Sweden, hopefully when it arrives I can reassemble and get it going. It's a really nice movement as you would expect from Omega. I do love old Omega movements. When I get it up and running I'll post a picture if you are interested. Thanks Barry
  16. Hi Picked up nice Omega pocket watch around 1923 according to the serial number, silver case. I have stripped it down as it needs a new staff which is on order but I then found the centre wheel is damaged beyond repair. I have tried all the usual sources with no luck, if anyone has a breaker or can suggest any more sources I would be obliged. It's a Cal 18 LPB. Don't know if other cals would suit or wether it is unique to that model. Any help gratefully received. Thanks Barry
  17. Hi I am a righthander, always have been and don't know why. If I put in on my left it just does not feel right. I suppose on the right there is some protection for the crown from accidental knocks. I like bracelets rather than leather straps, never tried a NATO strap but I think I might get a touch sweaty under a rubber type strap.I have my everyday watch, a going out watch and my special watches for that extra special occasion. I do like a pocket watch when I am wearing my waistcoat. Barry
  18. Hi Just joined the forum, I live in France near le Mans. I started repairing and servicing my clocks about 3 years ago as a winter pastime. I have now progressed onto pocket watches which appears to be a quantum leap. I bought the neccessary tools and have had some success with my first attempts using Christopher Barrow's book "The Pocket Watch". I am also interested in fine wristwatches, though not for repair. I have a Tag Monaco, Breitling Navitimer, Omega Speedmaster, Hamilton Kaki and a Tag 2000 plus some other junk. I have several regulators a cuckoo clock, two carriage clocks and a mantle clock. I will have lots of questions I have no doubt plus advice on my ongoing repairs/ servicing and tool selection. Barry
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