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  2. To me scarce is something like a submariner, it is not particularly easy to find but there are relatively quite a lot of them made. Rare to me would imply that there are not many around because there are not many made for example Rodger Smith
  3. Thanks for the suggestions I'm out here for 3 weeks so that will help fill my weekends. I passed on Chateau de Monts last time I was over in favour of the watch museum in La chaux de fonds, but I will probably make it over this time.
  4. Not really a holiday as I flew out from a glorious day on Monday, To a solid 16hrs of rain, and the forecast for the rest of the week isn't much better. Not that it matters too much as I'm at school for the next 3 weeks.
  5. Wow! That dial really changes depending on the way the light hits it
  6. 22mm it will squeeze on. Never a good idea to put a smaller strap on, if it moves it can catch the end of the spring bar causing it to pop out.
  7. I've been right through my collection and I think this is the biggest gap I can manage where the new watch could still be considered as an evolution of the old one. On the left we have a 1912 silver cased gentleman's wristwatch made by Stauffer, Son & Co. And on the right made 106 years later is the modern equivalent.
  8. The arrival today of a watch I have been after for a long time has given me an idea for a thread. One picture showing two watches, an old one and it's more modern descendant or reissue. Ideally they should be at least 20 years apart so we can see how much they have evolved. I'll start the ball rolling with these two, A 6159-7010 from 1975 with the current version of the automatic tuna (sbdx013) from 2018. So an age gap of 43 years
  9. The latest catch just arrived in the post, so this will be on all weekend
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