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  1. I hardly ever wear it anymore but for the last 20 years this old thing has been my alarm clock
  2. Late post for me today
  3. Fangio was on record saying of Jim Clark "outstandingly the greatest Grand Prix driver of all time"
  4. Jim also had good taste in watches https://petrolicious.com/articles/legendary-f1-driver-jim-clark-had-excellent-taste-in-watches
  5. Sometimes set it to remind me of what time I need to do things, but never needed the lume pip yet
  6. You probably won't like this then at 50 million yen! (about £370k) https://www.credor.com/lineup/detail/?no=GBCC999
  7. OK maybe not as versatile for everyday wear, but hard to beat it credentials as a diver. The SLA is a great watch but I just can't get past the price.
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