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  1. Jetski, thanks for the link but they are not the same thing. Brook & son was the brand, submarine was the model of this particular watch. Sadly Brook & son ceased trading around 1952. Tavannes who made the watch for Brook is still in business and even makes a modern interpretation of the design. https://www.tavanneswatches.com/collection/13 But I would personally only ever be interested in the original, as I find it extremely interesting from a historical and technical perspective.
  2. I would really like to find one of these for the collection one day, although they probably class as antique rather than vintage. Submarine watch by Brook & son Waterproof a decade before the Rolex oyster was born https://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/blogsubmarine.php
  3. Old Bc-s2 for the weekend
  4. I have a bad habit of wearing any new watch in the bath for a couple of weeks after I get it. But after that I tend to get back in the habit of taking them off for the evening before bathing.
  5. I'm wearing this just now, but seeing that brilliant bulova makes me want to break out my Tom and Jerry watch instead, maybe later.
  6. H&I is on george Street between castle Street and Frederick Street, the purple shop with Patek clock outside. If you are having trouble finding it, look for laings, big blue watch shop on the corner of Frederick and George street it's about 100 m/yards further along on the other side of the road. For Indian you could try Dishoom on St Andrews Square (there are a couple of places to eat right next to it, I enjoy the Ivy as well) also near here is Hawksmoor, very nice steaks but expensive. For Tai, there is Dusit on thistle Street (may need to book ahead, it gets busy) For seafood Ondine just off the Royal Mile where the Mound crosses over, Is very good (does a really good steak as well) Six by Nico is another one I would happily recommend but you would probably need to book in advance as it gets very busy. And if you want a burger, you could do a lot worse than The Cambridge Bar at the far end of Thistle Street. Anyway, hope you enjoy your stay, if you need anything else just give me a shout
  7. As others have said Laings, Hamilton & Inches, chisholm hunter are all worth a look for watches. You also have fraser hart, ernest Jones, rox and Samuels, all of them are within about 5-10 minutes of each other. There is also a pawnbroker duncanson & Edwards that usually has some pre-owed in the window. Harlequin is a little out of the centre but sometimes has interesting vintage watches if that is your thing. Any particular kind of food you like? Plenty to do with the festival on, but it is busy just now.
  8. I hardly ever wear it anymore but for the last 20 years this old thing has been my alarm clock
  9. Late post for me today
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