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  1. Little bit before my time, I've seen 8000 on old technical guides for balance staffs. Fairly sure both the BHI and Cousins have lubrication charts that show both traditional and synthetic
  2. The blue dial doesn't really do anything for me, between the other two it a tough call. I think they are both beautiful watches, but for me personally I think the Bremont just edges it
  3. Don't forget the old 3000 series
  4. If you bought it as an investment, you are not really into watches
  5. Sicura safari watch with built in pen knife and I don't remember the brand, but Iv'e also seen a watch with built in cigarette lighter
  6. It would probably be a "roughed" up example for under £1k, but I'd go for a TAG Heuer Aquagraph. It was a hell of a lot of watch for the money when it was new, even more so at pre owned prices.
  7. I'd certainly go with quality over quantity. I'd probably add money to the 6k and get something that would otherwise have always been out of my reach.
  8. 1917 Brook & Son Submarine, took me almost a decade to find one and in all that time looking I have probably only seen half a dozen examples Both of these are relatively rare This would have been made in large numbers but not too many have survived This was a prototype I put together, so I know that it was unique (sadly got stolen)
  9. I've done three of the courses with John Murphy and wholeheartedly agree with this. Also the local pub is pretty good.
  10. Sorry for the delay in replying, not been about on the forum much this year. My understanding is that there may be a couple of the gents watches left, if you contact them and ask for Danny, he will keep you right if that is correct or not. It's my understanding that the company had a change of leadership about two years ago and since then the attitude was to focus just on Rolex and Patek. So they have lost every other watch brand they stocked. Omega, Zenith, Tudor, Panerai, Bremont, Chanel, Nomos, Urban Jurgensen (and Ironically) Hamilton. Worth checking there pre owned as there will probably be some new old stock kicking around. The change in leadership also ment that the will to fight the trademark dispute with Hamilton (Swatch) died. Despite the fact that H&I sold watches long before the original Hamilton watch company was even founded (forerunner of Swatch bought the rights to the name around 1970 ish so it's not even technically that old)
  11. I think I've gotten very lucky with this one, I've lost bids on a couple before that were in much worse condition. The inside of the case back has more than half a dozen sets of watchmakers marks, showing that it was well looked after over the years.
  12. It's a shame that such an advanced watch for it's time has almost been forgotten. I hope to take many close up pictures showing some of the features that made it interesting. Once I've figured out how to safely work around the radioactive dust.
  13. Thank you, I've had a quick peak in the back to make sure it's all ok. But when I have the time in the new year I plan on doing a thread with many more pictures
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