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  1. I've done three of the courses with John Murphy and wholeheartedly agree with this. Also the local pub is pretty good.
  2. Sorry for the delay in replying, not been about on the forum much this year. My understanding is that there may be a couple of the gents watches left, if you contact them and ask for Danny, he will keep you right if that is correct or not. It's my understanding that the company had a change of leadership about two years ago and since then the attitude was to focus just on Rolex and Patek. So they have lost every other watch brand they stocked. Omega, Zenith, Tudor, Panerai, Bremont, Chanel, Nomos, Urban Jurgensen (and Ironically) Hamilton. Worth checking there pre owned as there
  3. I think I've gotten very lucky with this one, I've lost bids on a couple before that were in much worse condition. The inside of the case back has more than half a dozen sets of watchmakers marks, showing that it was well looked after over the years.
  4. It's a shame that such an advanced watch for it's time has almost been forgotten. I hope to take many close up pictures showing some of the features that made it interesting. Once I've figured out how to safely work around the radioactive dust.
  5. Thank you, I've had a quick peak in the back to make sure it's all ok. But when I have the time in the new year I plan on doing a thread with many more pictures
  6. It's taken me almost a decade to find one of these, but my patience final paid off and today the postman brought me an early Christmas present. Once I have the time I'll do a more in-depth thread, but if you want to know more about it in the meantime, I'd recommend reading David Boettchers excellently researched article on these almost forgotten watches. https://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/waterproof.php#Submarine
  7. One thing I hadn't noticed at first when I got the Tuna. Was the powder finish of the dial. I'm assuming that it was done to minimise reflections.
  8. What do you like on old watches that you don't see on modern ones? I've had this Tatton of Edinburgh stopwatch for a while now, but being a bit slow in the workshop today I decided to have a closer look at the Excelsior Park movement. I noticed the bridge with the engraving "spare parts" so being curious I decided to take it off the movement to have a look. Under the bridge is a small compartment containing parts to fix the movement, including a new balance staff, Genius idea that I just can't imagine any modern brand doing. Just shows how the attitude towards repairing w
  9. Probably costs more than my house, but it's not often I get to play with watches at this level so though I would share
  10. No not a Borgel, but rather a Brook & Son submarine watch, waterproof a decade before the oyster And B is also for Blu-Tac! Over the years I have seen my fair share of bad repairs, but seriously
  11. Another old Seiko for the thread today
  12. Wearing the Tuna today, but since there was a deepsea in the office today I though I would do a side by side lume shot
  13. Another addition to the long list of watches that I love but can't afford
  14. Jetski, thanks for the link but they are not the same thing. Brook & son was the brand, submarine was the model of this particular watch. Sadly Brook & son ceased trading around 1952. Tavannes who made the watch for Brook is still in business and even makes a modern interpretation of the design. https://www.tavanneswatches.com/collection/13 But I would personally only ever be interested in the original, as I find it extremely interesting from a historical and technical perspective.
  15. I would really like to find one of these for the collection one day, although they probably class as antique rather than vintage. Submarine watch by Brook & son Waterproof a decade before the Rolex oyster was born https://www.vintagewatchstraps.com/blogsubmarine.php
  16. Old Bc-s2 for the weekend
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