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  1. Yeah, no thank you. I've seen enough of how people wear their watches
  2. Top watch is a Tank Solo, a more modern interpretation of the design. The lower watch is a Tank Louis Cartier and has a more rounded case and the crystal will also be domed whereas the Solo has a flat crystal I believe the more pronounced stone is more in keeping with the original design.
  3. I referred to cabochons as it is the most common of the crown decorations across the whole range, sorry I didn't mean to imply that every Cartier had the same cut of stone in their crown. The Calibre and Santos have faceted stones, some of the high jewellery pieces have brilliant cut diamond mounted in the crown I've also seen pink sapphire in recent years They have occasionally used natural sapphire on certain models but it certainly isn't common these days, and almost all of your standard models are synthetic spinel, (sorry don't know why they don't use synthetic sapphire) If you want me to look up what stone is on a specific model just shoot me a message
  4. I like almost everything about the calibre, but that triple date window really bugs the hell out of me.
  5. They are usually synthetic spinel cabochons, How pointy it is is sometimes defined by what model it is fitted to. for example a Tank Louis Cartier is more prominent than a Santos would be.
  6. As far as I'm aware, I think the movement is essentially like a sealed unit, not possible to take apart without breaking it. You can download the technical documents from the Cousins website https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/category/eta-esa-movement-parts Just scroll down the list (page 6 of 7) until you get to G10.711 (basically the same calibre) https://shopb2b.eta.ch/catalog/product/view/id/35399/s/g10-712-g10.712/category/15/#technicaldocuments
  7. The watch should have an ETA G10.712 movement They don't need shorted after a battery change. probably need a movement swap
  8. Amplitude in the vertical positions is usually lower, I believe this is caused by the extra friction of both pivots on each wheel running against the jewels. In the horizontal position the upper pivot has much less friction as it is essentially free floating in the jewel hole. Not 100% sure on the lower dots, could it be that the balance spring isn't centred and level properly and it is maybe hitting off the balance or regulator as it expands and contracts ? Test the amplitude after 24 hours from a full wind, ideally it should still be over 200.
  9. Fun Fact The George Daniels Millennium wristwatches use a modified Omega 2500 movement (itself a version of the ETA2892)
  10. If you have any pictures ? You can often tell a lot from the style, construction and movement
  11. It is a potential minefield, if you get lucky it's a good idea, (for the record I have bought a few myself over the years) if you are unlucky it can be an extremely expensive lesson. What bothers me most about auction sales (apart from the sometimes 30% comission) Is that many of them will happily offer for sale franken or even fake watches without taking any responsibility whatsoever. If you are thinking about more expensive watches, please do your homework first and if at all possible go to the viewing and have a very close look at what you are bidding on.
  12. It should just wind from the crown, if it's stuck or just spinning without resistance then it probably needs serviced. Don't recognise the movement, so can't take a guess on who made it. The value in these watches is sadly, probably only going to be the scrap value of the gold in the case. eBay and auction houses are littered with pocket watch movements that are left over from their cases being melted down
  13. You are wrong I have a soft spot for this delight.
  14. If you are going to have a go at tightening the tube on the hand, I recommend getting something narrow enough (like a fine broach) to put inside so that you don't accidentally crush it. It only takes a tiny amount of pressure, can usually be done with a medium set of tweezers.
  15. Rotary has been around for a long time and are usually decently made and reliable watches, although the weird strap cut out could be an inconvenience when it comes time to swap the strap in a couple of years? Sorry I have absolutely 0 experience of Forge & Foster
  16. Two of my infamous watch purchases in one shot
  17. It's currently in their museum in Geneva, if you ever find yourself over in Switzerland it's well worth a visit Excuse the crappy photo taken from a book, but here's the movement
  18. It's one way to look at it alternatively you know, try the watch on then make up your own mind about how it looks?
  19. Thomas Mudge 1762 Earliest wristwatch I've found (so far) is this Patek from 1925
  20. It's on the front of the watch just under the 6, it is a little bit worn, so not immediately obvious. I can't be 100% sure on the movement, but it looks like it is probably chinese from the general layout / finish and the style of shock springs on the balance jewels found this https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/mens-rotary-skeleton-watch-gold-12-304948134 certainly not the same movement
  21. It says Japan on the front and Swiss Mov't on the back, but doesn't look like either
  22. welcome to the forum You'll find a more diverse appreciation of watches here (at all price points), compared to some of the more "Crown" or investment focused forums out there.
  23. I believe Omega now use the 1532 movement as a replacement for this movement (based on the ETA 255.111)
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