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  1. Friday evening change into a Pulsar and a stunning man in the background.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum! Do you have any preference? Such as: modern, vintage, automatic, quartz, etc. Most importantly, do you have any in your collection! Cassie
  3. Welcome to the forum! Look forward to seeing your collection grow. Cassie
  4. It's More4, Rog, don't want you missing it! . Apparently, he drives a Reliant Regal Supervan in episode 1, just like Del! I think I'll line my collection of soft Dels around me and watch it. The Butler can find somewhere else.
  5. New addition to my Sir David collection to model today's watch.
  6. Happy New Year TWF! Hope everyone has a happy and healthy 2020. Thanks @Roy for another fantastic year on this wonderful forum. I've had many a laugh especially with certain members (you know who you are!) regarding my obsession with Sir David! @Roger the Dodger Have a Pina Colada to toast Del and I!
  7. Still the Pulsar. Hope everyone has a great time tonight whatever you're doing to celebrate New Year.
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