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  1. Waiting for 'The Butler' to come out from his Covid booster.
  2. Will be wearing the Seiko SKX009, when he's finished his bath.
  3. Do you think the Butler is trying to get some peace from me by getting me a 1,000 piece jigsaw? He seems to forget I can multi task.
  4. Good Morning chaps! I've not been here for a while so I'm sure you've been glad of a Sir David break! The SKX009 is a perfect size to hide Uncle Albert and Rodney!
  5. Good Morning all! http://imgur.com/a/xFQWayb
  6. I did have my Seiko SKX009 on his morning as usual, but decided to opt for something a less expensive since I've just dropped my phone and cracked some of the screen. I didn't want the same thing to happen to the Seiko, and I've just remembered it's the 13th. Take care everyone!
  7. Seems as if I haven't been on here for ages! Has anyone ever bought a watch and then think they've found 'The One', as I think I've found 'The One' with the Seiko SKX009. I've told 'The Butler', I don't think I'll buy another watch, well at least until Christmas.
  8. Sorry, only just noticed this. Polywatch didn't do anything for my scratches.
  9. I was timing The Butler for something else last night, disappointed to say it took longer than my cup of tea.
  10. Would you like to consider the position? The only requirement is you can do the whole Del act as well as your tea making duties.
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