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  1. You poor kitten, Nige. I'll give you a cuddle from 2 metres away.
  2. One of my favourites today. Have a great weekend, as much as you can!
  3. Cassie-O

    Missing Members

    Missed you, hun.
  4. I'm wearing "The Golden Panda" to celebrate @Nigelp return. It's an old picture, you're not worth a new one.
  5. Cassie-O

    Missing Members

    I think judging by your avatar, you've been doing porridge! What did you do? Seriously, welcome back Nigel, hope you're well!
  6. Cassie-O


    My avatar is based on actors/musicians I like.
  7. This is stuck in my head now, what a great theme tune!
  8. I'm finally getting round to watching some of my DVDs now! It's great working from home, as long as the work gets done I can come and go when I please! Watching the first episode of "Hazell" - Hazell Plays Solomon, Nicholas Ball is quite a looker!
  9. To take my mind off Coronavirus, the handsome Del on my wrist! (Sorry, old picture)
  10. Cassie-O

    New Guy

    Welcome to the forum! Cassie
  11. Working from home from the minute has its advantages, I can work and watch Sir David at the same time!
  12. Del is a international importer/exporter, now turned model.
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