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  1. Timing how long it takes The Butler to get me a cup of tea!
  2. The newbie (The discontinued Seiko SKX009, had to have one after stocks low everywhere). I had to explain to The Butler it was completely different to last week's newbie!
  3. This until the newbie arrives, I think I'll have to be extra nice to The Butler this weekend, 2 new watches in less than a week!
  4. Anyone bought anything from Creation Watches recently? Looking at a watch, just wondering if they are still OK to deal with.
  5. Certainly is Roger, got it on Sunday. I bought a Casio Marlin about a month ago and loved it, so I was on the look out for a Pepsi diver. Ordered from Amazon on Saturday at £202.50, checked 30 minutes later then it was £162.50! Needless to say I cancelled the first order and reordered! I've fallen in love with it!
  6. Good Afternoon everyone! Newbie for me, my first ever Citizen to add to my collection. After owning a Casio Marlin for about a month, I loved it, so I wanted a Pepsi diver and decided with this one.
  7. Seiko SKX007 this afternoon modelled by the wonderful Del.
  8. Good Afternoon gents, hope you're all well!
  9. Good afternoon everyone, hope everyone is keeping well! Bonjour
  10. Happy Father's Day to all you dads! Hope you've been dusting up on your French phrases @Roger the Dodger to impress me with your Del chat! Bonjour!
  11. As I am back from an absence on the forum, I'll start and settle you all in gently with my Sir David obsession!
  12. Yes, that is a Mario bracelet!
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum! Caasie
  14. Just noticed once I'd taken the picture the date is a day behind! Have a great weekend everyone!
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