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  1. Looks like you're Pikachu already! I'm a Charmander sort of girl myself.
  2. "Great British Car Journeys" - Series 2 Episode 2 on Channel 4 with Peter Davidson and Christopher Timothy. Last week's episode was really good.
  3. When the battery stops, I say it must not be working and I need another to make up, then get the battery replaced at a slightly later date!
  4. IIRC, it's a Japanese cartoon. The lead character was a boy called Ash and he would go on adventures with his Pokemon friends such as: Charmander (my favourite) was a lizard, Squirtle was a turtle, etc. They would fight battles and the Pokemon ball would beam energy to the characters. This could be nonsense as I've not watched it for about 20 years!
  5. No, it always gets put carefully into the box by me. Making sure that all paper money and cards remains flat, if any should get a mark or a crease there will be a few expletives used, rest assured of that. Did you know that Sue Holderness is in "Still Open All Hours" now as a regular? I'm always waiting for Granville to pinch her!
  6. I had to open it. I've moved the Community Chest cards ever so slightly to cover Raquel's face.
  7. Of course! I tried to see if The Butler would let me buy some of the properties before landing on them, but it's against the rules apparently!
  8. I don't think I've worn this for a long while. BTW, hope everyone enjoyed "Still Open All Hours" last night as much as I did!
  9. Brings me back to my childhood, collecting the Pokemon trading cards!
  10. Definitely agree with you there! I've just finished watching my recording of "The Edgar Wallace Mystery" with Harry H Corbett which was on Talking Pictures TV. Not the best programme, but still worth a watch. "Cover Girl Killer" is still my favourite non Steptoe role with Corbett. Now, I'm waiting patiently for "Still Open All Hours"!
  11. I hope everyone will be watching Sir David in "Still Open All Hours" this evening at 20:00! Have a great weekend everyone!
  12. For years and years I've heard this song and didn't know who is was by and now I do!
  13. @yokel Really good video. I hope you upload some more!
  14. The one and only Sir Elton. Best musician ever!
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