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  1. "The Golden Panda"! Have a great weekend as much as you can everyone, and take care.
  2. An iPad, got to wait until next Friday! But the "creme de la menthe" as Del would say is this... (It's going to be a long, long wait until October 29!)
  3. You poor kitten, Nige. I'll give you a cuddle from 2 metres away.
  4. One of my favourites today. Have a great weekend, as much as you can!
  5. Cassie-O

    Missing Members

    Missed you, hun.
  6. I'm wearing "The Golden Panda" to celebrate @Nigelp return. It's an old picture, you're not worth a new one.
  7. Cassie-O

    Missing Members

    I think judging by your avatar, you've been doing porridge! What did you do? Seriously, welcome back Nigel, hope you're well!
  8. Cassie-O


    My avatar is based on actors/musicians I like.
  9. This is stuck in my head now, what a great theme tune!
  10. I'm finally getting round to watching some of my DVDs now! It's great working from home, as long as the work gets done I can come and go when I please! Watching the first episode of "Hazell" - Hazell Plays Solomon, Nicholas Ball is quite a looker!
  11. To take my mind off Coronavirus, the handsome Del on my wrist! (Sorry, old picture)
  12. Cassie-O

    New Guy

    Welcome to the forum! Cassie
  13. Working from home from the minute has its advantages, I can work and watch Sir David at the same time!
  14. Del is a international importer/exporter, now turned model.
  15. The best advice I can give in a case of self isolation is to watch as much Sir David as you can!
  16. Bit late today, but better late than never.
  17. I must stress I'm not talking about anyone on TWF, but I like when people stand up to bullies and online trolls.
  18. That looks great! . Please write a review!
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