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  1. I'm holding you personally responsible if I have a heart attack one of these days!
  2. I forgot I had this one until this morning!
  3. Have a great weekend everyone as much as you can!
  4. Welcome to the forum! Cassie
  5. Does anyone know how many of these were made? Thanks.
  6. Blankety Blank with the handsome Sir David!
  7. Have a great weekend as much as you can in the current situation!
  8. Casio Edifice until my newbie arrives.
  9. Looks great Sulie, and a lovely gesture from Roger!
  10. My all time favourite Steps song.
  11. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch for me.
  12. Seiko again today. I know I haven't been as active on here for a few weeks but have I missed something? @Roger the Dodger, have you started wearing watches again?
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