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  1. Roger, I'm still in a delicate state, I'm sure Bobby's "friend" is very nice. . Could you not start off with something smaller if you wish to terrorise me?  Have a great weekend all!
  2. Some more Spice Girls, still my favourite song of theirs.
  3. Best of both worlds. They will share the avatar picture.
  4. Yes, for example you love Sir David Jason.
  5. Hi, you can buy a gallery subscription from Roy for £5.00, then £5.00 annually. Here's a link:
  6. I'm having a change of avatar and pictures in the next few days. Don't worry if you don't see Sir David as my avatar, he's still the top man!
  7. Still continuing with "The Equalizer" boxset, just watched Blood and Wine (Parts 1 and 2). Still got 42 episodes and a documentary to go!
  8. Turn a TENS machine up to the highest level.
  9. I'll join @Graham60 for the afternoon change. Just noticed wrong date!
  10. Casio Edifice to start with.
  11. A coat and a jacket from Joe Browns.
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