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  1. Can't sleep so going to watch 'The Wicker Man'. Best time to watch a film, no interruptions!
  2. That's why I really enjoy that one, as he's always typecast as Harold, but his role in 'Cover Girl Killer' is really different to any I've seen with Harry H Corbett. I really like him but is it odd that I find "The Man" attractive?
  3. Going to watch 'Cover Girl Killer' on Talking Pictures at 19:15. Definitely one of my favourite roles by Harry H Corbett. I can never believe how much younger he looks as Harold Steptoe and Steptoe was made after CGK!
  4. Bit late to the party today but I'm wearing this.
  5. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads on TWF!
  6. Changed into the newest addition in my collection.
  7. It's rare if I only wear one watch without any change in a day. Usually two, sometimes 3 changes a day.
  8. Welcome back! As for forgetting about TWF... Cassie
  9. I tried that and I found it boring. Now if your looking for "lovely" on Forces TV it's "The Equalizer" for me. I love a well dressed man. Enjoying it from the beginning on Forces TV.
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