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  1. Waiting for the fantastic series 'Hannay' to come on Talking Pictures TV. I do love Robert Powell as Richard Hannay.
  2. Triple bill of 'Open All Hours' on Yesterday. Granville is so handsome.
  3. Any of Sir David Jason's programmes can't have been shown in Mexico yet!
  4. Some nice Timex watches about , but the reviews about loud ticking means I would never ever but one. The same with Swatch, they have a loud ticking aswell apparently.
  5. Watching 'The Green Green Grass' on GOLD. Ha ha, Farmer Boyce.
  6. Two absolutely lovely watches there!
  7. Jubilee is my favourite, Oyster then Presidential. Don't own any mesh straps, as I'm not that keen on them.
  8. A bit late to the party and an old picture, what am I like? Must do better tomorrow.
  9. Never seen this before, but it's well worth watching nearly 20 minutes about telephones, as Sir David makes several appearances.
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