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  1. Any more thoughts on Rotary? I am looking at a Rotary but the two i have had before, both failed. The first the winder came out and second one just stopped and a new battery didn't work. Should I give them a third and final chance, even though I swore to myself I wouldn't buy another Rotary? Thanks Cassie
  2. Of course I am still doing the marathons, also what I watch when it isn't on GOLD! I honestly couldn't say how many times I've seen the episodes, apart from a lot. Thanks for asking about the hospital. She gave me a choice, cut my ear open for a biopsy or antibiotics, so I opted for the latter as she said my ear would look deformed so that's a last resort. I go back to see her in October, and if nothing is better by then, I will probably get my ear cut open. She thinks it's probably to do with my low immune system with my RA that it's not clearing up. She did say plenty of Sir David and nobody must take the mickey out of him.
  3. I'm sure everyone will know what I'm watching today, but for those who don't know 'Only Fools and Horses' on GOLD, with the lovely, handsome Sir David.
  4. Well, my newbie has arrived, the Seiko SUR249P1 Gents Leather Strap watch. Managed to buy one at a bargain price of £57.60 from HSamuel, as I signed up for their newsletter and got a 10% discount. It says in the description the dial is silver, however, it looks white from some angles then silver. Very plain dial, which is unusual for me. Water resistant to 100m. Nice soft leather strap. Also, a matchstick red end to contrast from the light dial. Overall, I’m very happy with a Seiko for £57.60. Most importantly some pictures! Thanks for reading! Cassie
  5. Up early as I'm going to the Ear, Nose and Throat clinic, after a wasp sting on my ear in September, I'm still having bother. Been waiting since January for appointment! Seiko today, until my newbie, which hopefully will arrive by the time I get back home, also a Seiko!
  6. I really want Ronnie Barker to be Number 1!
  7. Pulsar Friday for me, just noticed the date is wrong in the picture! Have a great weekend everyone!
  8. Waiting for the fantastic series 'Hannay' to come on Talking Pictures TV. I do love Robert Powell as Richard Hannay.
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