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  1. Finally got the chance a few days ago to start watching this box set.
  2. I liked my Paper Mate pens so much in black ink I bought previously, that I ordered another packet in blue. Plus, a Basildon Bond A4 writing pad.
  3. I haven't posted a GIF of a certain someone for a while...
  4. Casio Edifice again for me. @Igerswis That is stunning!
  5. Casio Edifice today. Have a great weekend everyone!
  6. Just ordered a 10 pack of Paper Mate pens.
  7. Never realised until now that this is the same Joe Brown that stars in "What A Crazy World" alongside Harry H Corbett.
  8. Motorola Moto One Vision mobile phone. Ordered it on Monday and was ready waiting for me when I got back this evening.
  9. Later than normal today. Was wearing this earlier... Now a Pulsar.
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