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  1. Anybody know if this type of strap had a special name? I mean the way its thin where it connects to the watch and then suddenly widens?
  2. Ok thanks everyone. For those of you interested heres 3 of my watched which have got to be fake surely? [/URL]
  3. Hi I'm chris from London. Just starting to get into collecting watches so know nothing. Had the standard sekonda, gucci and armani watches in the past which you guys probably think are a load of rubbish. Lol. Always wanted a tag or rolex and saw a job lot of various watches so bought them hoping by some miracle the rolex would be genuine. Even if not theres a few watches in the batch if like to keep including a nice tissot. Anyway hoping to learn a lot and slowly grow my collection.
  4. Ok thank you to all of you who have been friendly and welcoming. I will indroduce myself on the I'm New" part of the forum and try to contribute for a few weeks or so before posting any pictures. Not sure how I can contribute as I watch knowledge is none existing but hoping to learn.
  5. Hi, Thanks for the warm welcome. Sorry about my grammer. I am dialectic so not very food with this sort of thing. I won't bombarded with pictures then and take it slowly.
  6. Well I do like my watches but not veru knowledgeable on them really I am looking to stay around. Thats what I thought tbh but just wanted to double check. Will be keeping a few of the tissot ones.
  7. Oh do lots of people come on here asking the same thing then?
  8. Also I'm not expecting people to do homework on them. I just thought watch enthusiasts would be able to take one look and say if its good or tat.
  9. lol. Nice to meet you too. Haha I bought them hoping theres one or two worth keeping. Im asking on here because this is a watch enthusiasts forum and some enthusiasts like the whole aspect of seeing someones watch and telling them about them as do I do on a different hobby forum.
  10. Ok so i can post pictures but not allowed to ask for valuations? Is that right? Would i be able to ask if there worth keeping or fit for bin?
  11. Hi everyone I've just bought a job lot of about 50 watches with brands from sekonda-rolex. Some look old and some modern. don't know anything about watches so wondering if you guys can help value them for me. I suspect there all fakes and/or worthless but thought id get a second opinion before i give them away. Would it be ok to upload some pictures? Maybe in sets of 5 showing fronts and backs.?
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