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  1. If I had similar requirements I'd go with the vintage Omega ''pie pan''. Early 60's in steel with dog leg lugs for a bit of visual interest, iconic dial, the cal. 551 has a date as well I believe. You can dress it up (matching stitch croc) or down (contrasts stitch suede) and it can be yours under 3k for very nice examples. But that would be MY choice. Ultimately the decision is yours. Out of your selection, even though I love JLC, it would have to be the Rolex. Whatever your choice is, don't forget to post pics when you get it
  2. Congrats to your new addition. Do you happen to have ref. number?
  3. The Omega is a lovely watch and it kinda caught my eye as well some time ago (too big for my wrist) but out of these two I'd take Rolex any day of the week. As for the thickness of the Omega I haven't tried it on. However I've seen it on a display and it does look rather thick. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I've never heard of the brand either but it is lovely looking watch
  5. they run from around 40 000 CZK (£1400 roughly) to 72 000 CZK (£2500) for the base mechanical models from there sky is the limit you can order one in precious metal as well (white and yellow gold, platinum) but they give you up to date quote for that. They also offer quartz (Ronda 715) from around 7000 CZK (£250) but those don't have sapphire to about 20 000 CZK (£700) in fact very nice ladies dress watch costs that amount It's designed by fashion designer (Beata Rajska), notice the second hand is shaped like a needle and the minute ring looks like stitches, the 1 and 7 are bigger because
  6. Generally speaking not a fan of romans but I have to say that some of classically styled (the Rog's Tissot or some of the various Cartiers) really look nice with romans. A little of topic but I don't like Californian dials (half/half) that's simply a big no no for me.
  7. Sir, you certainly are loaded see what I did there:) 'nuff bad jokes this one for me (old pic)
  8. I would probably wait for this one from what I've seen and heard all the exotic material watches loose a lot of value the first 2 years
  9. Hope you all having a great start of the week, I got back from my holiday/family visit in Czech Republic few days ago but while I was there I had the pleasure of visiting Prim watch factory. I honestly felt like a kid in a sweetie shop and while it may not be Rolex high-tech super manufacture I really enjoyed it and I've never seen people so enthusiastic about their job. I just thought I post a few pics (they are also in the gallery): 316L bar stock for future cases first stage of machining the movement bases and random selection of movement and case parts drying
  10. Too big for my taste (and wrist), quite expensive for what they are, also some are a bit OTT. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Morning all, hope you all having a good Sunday. Last week I was window-shopping in various high street retailers, just to see what do they have and the above mentioned had caught my eye (the aesthetics anyway). So I made a mental note to look into it later. But apart from some american sellers and eBay I couldn't find anything ''official'', when I searched Citizen website I was simply unable to find this watch. So my questions to all you knowledgeable people are: Could this be completely China made watch (nothing necessarily wrong with that) with just Citizen logo, in which case why
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