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  1. Thanks, will get one ordered
  2. That was copy n paste. When I tried the insert image button I got nothing. Does it not work if you click the link?
  3. NATO https://www.flickr.com/photos/184857199@N02/48859129117/in/photostream Rubber https://www.flickr.com/photos/184857199@N02/48858576393/in/photostream Leather https://www.flickr.com/photos/184857199@N02/48858934036/in/photostream Mesh https://www.flickr.com/photos/184857199@N02/48859120442/in/photostream
  4. I have read the original bracelet is cack on the amphibia, so ended up bidding on a group of straps on the bay. Pretty pleased with what turned up. NATO's IMG_20191007_132543 Leather IMG_20191007_132629 Rubber IMG_20191007_132716 Mesh (still in wrapping) IMG_20191007_132802
  5. Ok, done some searching, found two on cousins site, will the Single handed regular. 39mm be large enough or would the Single handed up to 60mm be the one to get.
  6. Ok, I've got an ministry amphibia ordered. Also a bezel and stainless crown. I will need a case back removal tool to do the crown and probably also need to regulate it also. I've seen the blue two pin ones, will they do? Also there seems to be two different types sort of pin shaped fitting and a flatter version, which should I need.
  7. Ok, so looking for my first automatic dive watch. I'm an avid desk diver. So after lots of deliberation I've managed to narrow it down to two, either the Seiko samurai or the orient kamasu. Seiko I can get from jewelers and try on, check out etc The Orient only seems to be available from amz or evil bay. I'd be buying blind based on images and ytube video. Orient is half the price and seems to be liked, but is it comparable quality wise and will i regret not getting the Seiko. I was originally looking at an skx007, but they are discontinued and I don't want to have to buy second hand from evil bay and possibly get a dud.
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