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  1. Vintage Omega- Smart mans/ womens Omega
  2. Do you have a C shape conny? @davidcxn
  3. Could you not argue to get some money back as you've had to return back to the store to get their faults rectified? £511 seems ALOT for just a routine service. STS (was curious how much a service centre would charge)quoted me £400 for a complete overhaul of an omega....
  4. Depending on where you live, you might want to check out 'Cheshire Oaks' near Ellesmere port, they have a discounted Tag Boutique (if you fancy getting another). I just had a "quick" look as the missus was with me. I'd go again, have a browse and check the prices then get a coffee and have a look on the t'interweb and see how much the difference is.
  5. Buyers from Theo and Harris please come forward.....
  6. Thanks @Always"watching", I've actually come across a guy called Desmond who seems to have done extensive research into the Omega Constellation. In one of his articles he states the following Authenticity and reliability Checks • Check the rotor for the ‘Adjusted to five (5) positions and temperatures’ stamping. • Ensure you have a cluster of indicators that prove authenticity: movement, dial and case. • Confirm serial number against Omega serial number dates. • Check serial number date against known release dates of case numbers – allow for a margin of up to two year
  7. Hi all, As my previous posts would suggest im on the hunt for a vintage watch, preferably dress watch. Was just wondering if anyone had any pointers when looking especially at the movement. Dials I have started to train my eye and managed to notice if something doesn't look right but I'm not sure on the movement. Obviously, if a seller is not prepared to show the movement than its a simple "goodbye", but what do I need to look for in a movement? variations in metal colour?? Thanks, Will look forward to your responses!
  8. I'd really like an vintage Omega, but the prices for a your standard cal.6xx seamaster have gone crazy. I'm considering Longines and also Tudor Oysterdates. My issue is finding trusted sellers etc. I did find this Japan based seller for called 'closer0924'(http://stores.ebay.co.uk/closer0924). I had a look at a few watches but wasn't too sure. One reason was various shades within the movement, made me think if the movement was a 'bitzer/franken'. Also, I recall @scottswatches mentioning once about the bloke who restored the car for 100k when it was only worth 20k or something on
  9. A trusted source? I really like the longines
  10. Use your imagination @Chromejob. If someone gave you that money what vintage would you buy? Okay, 60's for me maybe 70's!!! Thanks @Karrusel, i was original after an omega constellation however most of what I found turned out to be fake/ franken watches. Basically I'm-original pieces. I own a lovely omega chronostop and I'd like something to sit next to it. Hopefully omega, maybe cal.6xx. But I'm open to a few options. @scottswatches Has a fab site. I do quite like the Tudor, omega (either the 9k date or the stainless cal.601) or the 9k GP.
  11. Bit of fun on the vintage side of watches! What will £700 get you from the vintage side of watches?? Will look forward to your responses!!!!
  12. Not bought it, I did run it through the omega database and it does seem to be in order with movement,case and dial. I just think the movements going to be a hassle if it's not all correct. I've messaged the seller, he's pretty honest with his listings but I was after a dressy omega as my chronostop doesn't fit the bill. You do find a lot that are quite clean I've noticed. As @Thomasr states about the "post for the auto weight" being worn out, doesn't necessarily mean it's in fully working condition.
  13. Cheers, I wasn't too sure on it. Think it's abit of a franken!
  14. And also what are your thoughts on this??? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Excellent-OMEGA-Seamaster-K14YG-Solid-Gold-cal-471-Automatic-Mens-Watch-394497/253515888411?hash=item3b06b9771b:g:3jQAAOSwT2Natavd The dial looks too clean personally, think its a re-dial. Also the seller is in Japan so I will have to pay import duty from this one!
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