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  1. Hi not really a serious repairer but looking for a decent set of screwdrivers and been on the cousins site and completely lost as to which set to go for, any help appreciated ? Thanks
  2. Thanks that will do, can I ask do I just dig a hole and plant it ?
  3. Hi I would like to get my mother a plant/shrub/tree of some sort like a mini cherry tree for her front garden, but don’t have a clue what to look for, it gets full sun all day and will be in the centre of the lawn which is approx 5x5m And right in front of her living room window so ideally not taller than 5-6’ high and most important very easy to keep, any help ? Thanks
  4. Hi tried a few around a year ago but they all were too dark so anyone seen one like this, funny its for the same model of watch and just really like to try it, might hate it in the flesh ? Thanks
  5. Hi my brother just got an orange monster and needs a few links to size the strap, so any hints on where to get these ? Thanks
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply, that's all I needed, my nephew saw mine that I got a couple of years back from jura and wants the same.
  7. Hi my brother is looking for an SRPA21K1 and found one for sale in the above shop but it’s £100 cheaper than Jura so any help ? Thanks Watcho Jura
  8. been looking for a hydroconquest and now 2 have popped up but quartz and I really wanted mechanical, someone talk to me wallet or heart ?
  9. Sitting reading these posts
  10. Congrats from me to add to All the rest
  11. I thought mine was okay just a bit busy and had to put my glasses on to read it, in fact sold it on here lol
  12. Glad of the outcome and as others hav3 said give Simon a shout it can’t be any worse that that crystal
  13. Any links to this set as I need a decent set as I am fed up with the cheap one from my eBay watch tools set ? Thanks
  14. Not to sure about the last one but love the other two, I have been good and not bought a watch for quite a while but a hydro is next on my list, wish you health to wear them
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