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  1. Has anyone heard of it know anything about prefis Automatic Watches?
  2. Thanks gimli,I have managed to upload my photos to post images.org but the copying link is not working for me to insert it on here
  3. Hello everyone I have a baume Automatic,would anyone know about baume Watches,I can only see baume and mercier ones
  4. I wish it was easier to upload a photo on here but I am not very techy
  5. No it has nothing,it has a see through back ,it is the same size as a nurse fob watch,it has a pin badge type thing so it can just be attached easily to clothing
  6. Yes I thought it might be but I cannot find any images or anything of these Watches
  7. Hello I have a vintage fob watch makers name is m.o.d it is mechanical,has anyone ever heard of this make,I am not sure if it is military issue
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