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  1. It's more of a negative comment, But I do appreciate the additional feedback. I will take them into consideration and maybe in the near future you will find one of our watches to your liking. ;-)
  2. ...Would appreciated if you could also explain why, instead of just saying it's ugly...I posted this to actually get some feedback. haha, You're right I meant to say less expensive. No real pictures, only 2D designs.
  3. We did do the research, and we are making cheaper watchers, but we just started with the expensive one.
  4. Well at least we got one point right What we meant to say was comparison is always been done with watch brands that have a customer base and have a higher budget. We're just starting out we're creating and trying to achieve the best way possible. We would love honest reviews on our watches especially, by watchmakers. The problem is each sample cost us $1000 dollars to make and for us this is not a option. The reason why is because It's made from scratch (Literally a scratch). So costs are higher, Also because the cases are hand finished, but to get the best cost out of this we need to mass produce, but we can't mass-produce because we don't have the money for it and even if we wanted to make five or 10 this would be too much money (So if you have a big boy pants with deep pockets, we would love to have you as a investor). We did find watchmakers In the area of Amsterdam to actually review our watches but this will take time. Well I do appreciate your honesty about our watch and trust that this watch is not your taste..at all. Everyone has his own perspective on what it is and what is not. We're just Have our opinion and we just listened to yours.
  5. Again you guys are comparing a micro band with known brand with a history and customer base. We're trying to achieve a customer base and trying to be something. Well the brand you just mentioned probably has a bigger budget, comparing to our brand as where we have to pay everything out of our own pockets. I don't know if CW designs their own cases or have standard production moulds for this? But in our case its made from scratch and new moulds needed to be made for this, that can also determine the cost price. So it is possible that the case is a standard catalog production and the only thing you're paying for is the design and movement (actually stating that it's an in-house movement, just seems to mean that they took a well-known movement and adjusted it, or am I mistaken?). We also had the option to go for the COSC but the price for this was to high because we needed to be registered in Switzerland and that was a no go anymore. Good constructive watches last longer than the warranties our first intention was to actually to give a life time warranty, but the problem is we don't have that budget yet. Where just starting out here, trying to make a mark and we understand that you rather go with another brand that you know of, but watch brands started somewhere and eventually they did get the trust and we try to do exactly the same. We are just a different watch brand with different takes on how to produce quality watches and not only in the movement but in every single part. Never say never ;-)
  6. Thanks for your opinion. This is just the first and hopefully not the last watch our prayers so maybe in the future you will consider it.
  7. Totally agree, but CW is doing this longer than we have and they can actually keep the cost low with manufactures, but if you are start up you need to actually pay the full price and sometimes additional costs because of the low amount your buying in. Thanks for your honesty and your opinion maybe someday ;-)
  8. You for your opinion as well. The price is merely the retail price. only option for us to actually produce this watch will be through crowdfunding the price will then be €917. This is the price that we have almost no profit on. As you know well known watch companies have a big profits on watches and maybe someday when our brand is well known to our customers will be able to price at that stage. The price would include a watch box, one certificate, two Italian leather straps, one milanese strap and free shipping. So at that price we are really maxing out. So you're saying it's not really a matter of what you can get for the price more than what you think it's worth, because of our reputation as we do not have. I totally understand that you are comparing it with a well-known brand like so many others.
  9. Thank you for your opinion I really appreciate it. There is a black dial and you have the option to go for silver or gold indexes even the option to choose sliver or gold hands.
  10. That's OK just give it time it will grow on you. If not, don't worry there are more to come.
  11. It's the overall look of the watch. The lugs of the case, the case design, the dial, the position of the crown, the hands and the small details all of these parts play a factor in this and if you cannot see it you're not willing to see it, because you're comparing it with well-known watch brands, but I do appreciate your opinion. Thank you I do appreciate it.
  12. To be honest my intentions we're only to get your honest opinion on my watch nothing else but I totally understand that it overlaps the idea that it's also a promotional tactic. I totally understand your point of view, and I would have the same what the problem is a lot of people would rather go with a well-known brand then a unknown brand and at one hand it's understandable but on the other you're not really giving a chance to new watch brands. Price is of course the main reason for people to buy a watch. I do care for honest reviews and honest opinions, that's why I do appreciate everything people are saying about the watch. Appreciate the tips
  13. Hi everyone,my name is Carlos Chamaoun and I'm the co-founder of ArloMouN (pronunciation ArloMooN).Just joined the forum to get some more Insight and opinion on our watch.The new watch is called Bold Classic and we would love to hear what you think. Watch case: Stainless steel (grade 316L) Water resistant: 5 ATM, 50 meters (new)Glass: Sapphire coated crystal with anti-scratch surface finish (inside)Strap size: 20 mm, best fit for 14 - 23 cm wrists Watch size: 39 mm in diameterWatch thickness: 9.80 mmMovement: SOPROD A2 Swiss Made automaticStrap: full crocodile grain Italian leather, handcrafted. incl. butterfly buckle in case colour. Colours: brown mahogany and black nappaBuckle: Milanese stainless steel. Colours: gold or silverWarranty: 2 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
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