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  1. Just a cheap bright orange Casio F-91W for me, I'm suffering with a skin complaint on my arms so I don't want to wear anything that the cream might react with
  2. Thanks for the info, not a brand I've heard of before. If it's good enough for the Dalai Lama then I may look into one!
  3. I can't do busy dials, I don't own a single chrono and the only thing I can put up with is a small second hand. I like textured/patterned dials but the cleaner the better.
  4. I was scrolling through Facebook and an ad popped up for Harold Pinchbeck watches, they are doing an offer of £1000 off the Christopher model. I've looked at these a few times but they are a little pricier than the usual for me. £1000 off sounds like a good deal, although I was surprised to see a discount and facebook ad from a watchmaker like that. Does anyone have a Pinchbeck on here, can you recommend them?
  5. Sartory Billard are making customised watches now, the SB03, you can speak directly to Armand who is a great guy, very quick to reply and a gent. You can discuss the particulars and he'll make it, a true one off for about £2k I think. I have one of their SB02 watches and it is stunning, very well made and unusual. Obviously it's a different story if you want to make it yourself, unless you have some skills on a lathe.
  6. I spent a very brief spell in new car sales (Alfa, Fiat & Kia), hated every second of it, well I didn't hate driving the nice brand new cars. I've seen brand new cars sold with literally no profit or even a small loss in the deal just to make it past the dealers quota for the month so they would receive the bonus from the manufacturer, same goes for pre-registered, it's just to show them as sold by a certain date to get bonuses. I was told by the sales manager at one time they even had 3-4 of the staff down as customers with cars registered to them to bump up the numbers. I can't see it's that different in other industries.
  7. When you have to wear an upside down hoodie as pants, you know you got problems.
  8. Marloe and Farer both do nice hand wind watches. I just can't decide which one I like more.
  9. The clasp does not join/fit the bracelet particularly well and I couldn't get it comfortable on me, also sharp edges. It's not the worst bracelet but not the same quality as the watch. I'm actually thinking of moving it on as I don't wear it since I have bought other nicer watches.
  10. I have the Hamtun Neon from an earlier KS campaign, it's a nice watch, well made with nice specs. The bracelet was a bit naff though so it lives on a leather strap now.
  11. I was looking closely at this one but the 'Beyond Horizons' put me off, especially as it's in a different font from the others.
  12. It WILL be a heap of crap if it's £50. Probably a £10 watch + packaging + Kickstarter fees etc, they'll need to make a profit and they'll make one at £50.
  13. That looks better to me, the printing could be a little crisper but maybe that's a prototype.
  14. See as I look at those pics you posted the 3 is further out from the centre edge (the circle cut out to show the movement) and more towards the edge of the dial, nearly touching the case, than the 9, the 6 is a different size. If you look from one hour marker to the next they are not identical or straight or lined up properly. I appreciate it's cut from a piece of a plane but unless it's meant to be like that it looks pretty rough.
  15. The guy who makes them is on the Microbrand Watch facebook page and I've seen a few of these watches mentioned. I'm not a fan and from what I've seen the numbers don't quite line up on some, I haven't posted about that on the group but that's how it looks to me. The 3 and 9 always look off to me but maybe it's the angle of the picture, sometimes the 3 does not look like it's in line with the crown too, not keen on the seconds hand either, it's useless. People seem to like them, I think he's sold a few.
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