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  1. Only just seeing this post, (I've followed the sub forum in notifications now to catch future posts.) I like the fact it's portable, can be stashed away and used outside. Even with extraction I've found they can cover the garage in dust in seconds! Any problems with the acrylic melting whilst hole sawing?
  2. One of those phone cases with floating pink & blue hearts in a gel.... for the wife of course.
  3. Bondo rather than Bond girl.
  4. BobJ


    Thought you may like a shot of the engine bay.
  5. BobJ


    Went for a cruise around the seafront with my brother in law in this beast.
  6. So when are you making me one then? You've done a cracking job there Roger. Extending the crank handles from the pillar has got to be better than slotting the table weakening it. I'm surprised the outlet for that crank in the casting isn't 90 deg to the table? as is the opposite locking handle. Excellent project
  7. Yes it's a great free program with plenty of instructional videos on Youtube. I'm mainly using the heal tool at present to wipe away scratches, bend lines, and rips. Hell if I get more advanced I may have a go at colourising a few.
  8. A 2tb external hard drive and a mouse.
  9. I'm going to have a go at cleaning up a load of old family black and white photos that we scanned onto a hard drive years ago. I've already downloaded GIMP and had a go at a couple, it's taking me hours to do one. I'll be plenty busy.
  10. Looking forward to it Roger. A few problems with my garage (building) has held up my purchase of any new machines or doing any work in there for a few months but all sorted now. Ordering my Drill press this week.
  11. When Claudia kicks Roy in the goolies in Kingpin he says " You must have a wide foot, you got both of them!" Clip:
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