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  1. Just as well they are, the two LCD display windows are of the negative type which I struggle to see with my aged eyes.
  2. My first resin G- Shock (I have a steel) I'm liking it enough to start to start buying more... plus my wife has also taken a fancy to it! Light and comfy, it disappears on the wrist. All I have to do now is watch a few videos to set the thing.
  3. Orient Mako XL. HAGWE.
  4. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    Walking with Dinosaurs DVD boxset for my grandson.
  5. I got introduced to a couple of glasses of Black Cow vodka yesterday. Vodka made from milk in Dorset. Very smooth and easy to drink on the rocks.
  6. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    Agreed, I've a couple of pairs of Go-walk 2 by Sketchers. Like walking on a bed of marshmallows.
  7. Good idea, here's mine.
  8. I use an Optivisor for close up work (not watches). Can also be used with an optional Loupe. Maybe worth a look.
  9. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    Ordered online.I won't be opening it myself, its a 40th birthday present for my son in law. I'm no connoisseur but will get my dram to report in August.
  10. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    A bottle of Suntory Yamazaki 12 year old single malt.
  11. Glad I'm not alone in keeping a spreadsheet. In three years I've bought 28 watches, given 4 away, sold none.
  12. No land/sea scapes I'm afraid but did spot this little beauty in the garden centre car park. Something tells me the wheels aren't period though.
  13. That's another (Poljot) I'll take off your hands when you're ready Mach....
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