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  1. Not played games since the Amiga days and Ridge Racer and Doom on the PS1 with my kids. I bought I an xbox one x on xmas eve on the pretence it was for the grandkids to use when they visited/stayed over. Blimey how the graphics have moved on in games like FH4.
  2. I can imagine overnight charging will be a breeze if you have a drive and or a garage. What about the on road parkers who maybe can't park in the same place each evening? Charge cables trailing across pavements/hedges/fences? Criminals nicking your juice during the night to charge their vehicles? I don't think it's going to happen until cars can be fully charged in a couple of minutes at the current filling stations. Battery technology has got a way to go yet.
  3. I did the same (when I was working) Happy Birthday!!
  4. I'm sure I read somewhere they go into power save mode and tick every two seconds.
  5. Good shout. Very tempting at that price but I already have three XL's in different colourways.
  6. I'd have to be laid up with two broken legs before taking that task on, that's dedication right there.
  7. Sunny morning down yer! BN0191-80L
  8. I'll take the one on the right please...
  9. It seems to have gone missing from the Members Owners forum.
  10. Congratulations Japan on reaching the 1/4 finals. Best game of the tournament by far.
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