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    I did go on an Italian car ownership run with a Alfa 145 twin spark a few cars later after a Lancia Delta (not integrale) and Lancia Prisma, both dirty rotters!
  2. BobJ


    I cant remember, the photo is around 1980 and I wouldn't have paid a lot for the bike second hand so probably early to mid seventies. Yes great sound, once it was tuned and revved off the clock! I think I traded in my original standard exhaust pipes for something or other which I was prone to do at the time. Once tuned I used to get over a ton on the flat. Nobody had a go at getting the car? Hillman Imp, never did get it running properly.
  3. BobJ


    Yeah, KH250 Kwak I tuned the engine to within an inch of its life then realised the standard drum brakes front and rear were never stopping it. Swapped the wheels, front forks, brakes from a Yam 250XS to give me disc brakes. The tank if I remember was from a Honda, the seat homemade, The paint was still drying on the side panels in the kitchen asI took this photo with the tail piece up next for rattle canning. The Micron expansion exhaust pipes were also added. Here's a pic (left) before the conversion.
  4. BobJ


    Quiz question, Can you name either or both of these two vehicles from my younger days?
  5. BobJ

    DIY haircuts.

    Been doing my own for about twenty years. Number 1
  6. BobJ


    Any Mini Fans? The Mini tour visits our town every summer with a noisy, colourful display. A few images from last summer.
  7. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    A bamboo back scratcher.
  8. Split my nail opening a new jar of vegemite this morning...
  9. Started learning Piano from home about a month ago, looks like I'll be getting plenty of practice time.
  10. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    Bought a x24 pack of Cushelle's in Lidl this morning, they had plenty too.
  11. BobJ


    The images were definitely there earlier today. I've just popped back on here to see if he'd had an answer and the images are gone.??
  12. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    A Samsung TabA Tablet.
  13. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    A new deep frying pan for Mrs J, it isn't even her birthday!!
  14. Not played games since the Amiga days and Ridge Racer and Doom on the PS1 with my kids. I bought I an xbox one x on xmas eve on the pretence it was for the grandkids to use when they visited/stayed over. Blimey how the graphics have moved on in games like FH4.
  15. I can imagine overnight charging will be a breeze if you have a drive and or a garage. What about the on road parkers who maybe can't park in the same place each evening? Charge cables trailing across pavements/hedges/fences? Criminals nicking your juice during the night to charge their vehicles? I don't think it's going to happen until cars can be fully charged in a couple of minutes at the current filling stations. Battery technology has got a way to go yet.
  16. I did the same (when I was working) Happy Birthday!!
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