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  1. Good shout. Very tempting at that price but I already have three XL's in different colourways.
  2. I'd have to be laid up with two broken legs before taking that task on, that's dedication right there.
  3. Sunny morning down yer! BN0191-80L
  4. I'll take the one on the right please...
  5. It seems to have gone missing from the Members Owners forum.
  6. Congratulations Japan on reaching the 1/4 finals. Best game of the tournament by far.
  7. My Mako XL after about 20 seconds exposure to the under counter kitchen lights.
  8. Yeah, Posted a link to it on here two years ago. Judging by the lack of replies I figured little interest from others.
  9. 4th Orient for me. 3rd Mako XL FEM75005R9
  10. Bloody awful, my sympathies.
  11. Absolutely agree, wearing mine this morning on a comfy waxed leather strap. Plenty of Painted ladies and a few Red Admirals spotted on the North Devon coast this year.
  12. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    500gb ssd drive & x20 bottles of French's spicy mustard
  13. Not seen the light of day for a while, HAGWE !!
  14. Snap! plus I still have it. First single I can remember buying was David Bowies Jean Genie which I don't have, wish I did.
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