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  1. Bloody awful, my sympathies.
  2. Absolutely agree, wearing mine this morning on a comfy waxed leather strap. Plenty of Painted ladies and a few Red Admirals spotted on the North Devon coast this year.
  3. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    500gb ssd drive & x20 bottles of French's spicy mustard
  4. Not seen the light of day for a while, HAGWE !!
  5. Snap! plus I still have it. First single I can remember buying was David Bowies Jean Genie which I don't have, wish I did.
  6. Didn't realise I had four until I looked.
  7. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    A beer fridge for the conservatory..
  8. Your pic prompted me to dig out mine for this evenings wear, good choice sir!
  9. Another birthday, another watch... CA0690-881 HAGWE !!
  10. Another week done.. HAGWE!!!
  11. Bulova 98B298 going back on the wrist today. HAGWE.
  12. Fourth Bulova for me, 98B298
  13. Happy Birthday fellas, a new watch obtained today so getting a wear in.
  14. Great to have it back, Thanks @simon2
  15. A new watch to me via @marley. Phone snap taken yesterday. Many thanks Daney
  16. Sport / Chrono 45 - 47mm Ø Gets my attention. Not really a 'Dress' fancier.
  17. We have one of those lift up storage divan beds. I've managed to negotiate about 25% of the space inside for my boxes.
  18. BobJ

    New Seiko

    I finally got around to scotchbriting mine in the garage, results are pleasing to me anyway. Sorry, shoddy phone pics in a windowless dim garage.
  19. I have the same blue Mako XL. Sits perfect for me on an 8" wrist so gets worn regularly. If it has any downsides, the bracelet can feel a little 'rattley' off the wrist but I suppose that's to be expected at this price point. Good choice.
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