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  1. My Seiko with a cyclops: (personally I like it)
  2. Have been wearing this for two weeks solid, now on a bracelet. HAGWE!!!
  3. A striking watch but why do the hands look so old.? Like they've lifted from an antique watch. Or is it my eyes!
  4. Sorted this problem myself in the end, only took two weeks. For any other sufferers, I switched from Explorer to Edge browser to get success.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to upload an image to one of my albums. I can't seem to get past the 'submit all images' button, it flashes and the screen stays as is. Only option I have from there is to cancel and not save the upload. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  6. Many thanks for the info and links Roger,
  7. Very nice indeed, 46mm Ø ?? Was looking myself at a few online outlets at the weekend. Images I've seen elsewhere show the watch with a heavy looking bracelet ( president?) which I would prefer, so stalling with a buy until I know I can obtain the bracelet. Any ideas?
  8. "How do you fare in the AD Postcode Lottery" Badly, Goldsmiths Exeter is 58.3 miles away. Saying that I wouldn't change my location for the world.
  9. Seems like Russell Crowe suffers the same..
  10. I haven't heard others mention it on here but I found the edges on the stapcode bracelet not well finished. The sharp corners were digging into my wrist. Original SKX bracelet is now back on.
  11. Very smart, wear in good health!
  12. Totally agree with this post. I've gone from one watch to about 15 in a little under a year mostly in the £100-250 bracket, although I've only bought one in the last three months. Finished playing the field I think. Now if only I can shift half of them and get that Shogun I was originally lusting after .
  13. I've found them easier to change than other quartz batteries, their large size reduces the chance of a fumble.
  14. Servicing over the 50 years could cost you 2 to 3 times the original cost of the watch but I get your point.
  15. Sporting my grandson's inaugural timepiece in his collection. Already has his eyes on a G-Shock. No hangovers for me, started antibiotics 3 days ago...
  16. Off to see the grandkids shortly. Happy Christmas everyone!!
  17. What a cracking thread! This is one of the things I was hoping to see when I joined the forum. Many thanks @Sir Alan for taking the time to post.
  18. Yeah you win hands down Ian! Thanks again for the info.
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