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  1. No land/sea scapes I'm afraid but did spot this little beauty in the garden centre car park. Something tells me the wheels aren't period though.
  2. That's another (Poljot) I'll take off your hands when you're ready Mach....
  3. Very nice indeed Davey, I'm liking the large LCD screen window. Wear in good health mate.
  4. Hands on my Citizen diver are suspect too...or maybe flaming candles?
  5. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    First physical shopping trip since the lockdown started, to B&Q x2 broom handles x1 Hozelock spray gun x1 Ronsesal wood stain
  6. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    That's a Titan brand from Screwfix.It required a fair bit of fettling to set it up plus a replacement Starret blade to get it running well. I use it mainly for cutting down 3x2 2x2 2x1 to exact sizes. Very good for shape cutting too. A table circular saw would probably be a better option but this takes up less space and creates way less dust to clean up.
  7. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    I've just fitted two 4ft LAP under counter LED strips over my end bench in the garage. Very impressed with output for iicrc 15w each. A pile of GU10 fittings left over from a kitchen project went in the ceiling with led lamps in them at 4w each.
  8. A rare treat for me tonight. Chefs special Kebab, no I didn't eat all of it.
  9. Yes, welcome to the club. The waking up too early took me some time to get over!
  10. Do you keep your solar powered in there?
  11. Dreary cold morning here. Apex AP0406-5
  12. Not so 'Dead' after all. https://www.pesmedia.com/norton-motorcycles-tvs-motor-280420/
  13. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    x18 box of Corona A proper Hozelock hose and drum to replace the crappy expandable piece of junk I've been struggling with.
  14. Citizen Promaster BN0191-80L HAGWE!!
  15. A bit of history, well presented.
  16. Happy St Georges day ! Orient Mako XL
  17. I'm going to tie Horse mounting twat with dancing twat for the biggest injuries.
  18. BobJ


    It could be worth looking around an old army surplus store for a good one. (if they still exist) I picked this one up 30 years ago. Don't know what steel is used for the teeth but they are still razor sharp with very little corrosion despite being stored in several damp garages.
  19. BobJ


    Carrying on with the garage/workshop flooring
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