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  1. Yes I noticed that one too, but where do you stop... or maybe you don't
  2. Yes thanks Davey, https://www.amazon.co.uk/CASIO-Analogue-Quartz-Stainless-EFR-564D-2AVUEF/dp/B07L4SYMZW/ref=sr_1_26?crid=D0WCMV4DQ26G&dchild=1&keywords=casio+ediface+watches+mens&qid=1586967007&sprefix=casio+edifac%2Caps%2C148&sr=8-26 Just got to wait for the planets to line up before pulling the trigger. Cheers mate
  3. Tracking down Daveys Blue Chrono, had a look at the Ediface line up at Casio Europa.... 77 models!!
  4. The crown is screw down. Lugs are curved down with solid links making it comfy but hefty. I like that it's different to just about every other bracelet I have. I'll have to give the lume a test when it's not sunny but I cant imagine it will be up to much.
  5. I was actually looking at the black PVD models when this one appeared in the line up. Thought I'd better hit the buy button quick as there were only 5 left in stock, then expected to get a mail to say they'd made a mistake and the transaction cancelled/refunded, but I didn't. Even opening the package yesterday I was doubtful it would be the watch as described. So with low expectations I'd done little to no research on the watch so thanks for the info. Apart from you and @Jet Jetski pointing out the rotating chapter ring and limited edition status I've found it is also a 200M diver, has a 88 click rotating bezel on which the divisions and number marker are not printed but slightly raised from the surface. Of course as of this morning it's keeping bang on time
  6. I'll keep that kind offer in mind Davey thanks again.
  7. Good shout. Had a look on the case back, No 51/ 500
  8. I see Xezo in the states are selling it for $465.00 Do you think someone got their decimal points in a muddle? https://xezo.com/products/air-commando-d45-ss
  9. Hadn't tried it until reading your reply, yes it does.
  10. Saw this watch whilst browsing Amazon last week. There were 5 in stock at the time, I see not available now. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00QL72CF2?ref_=pe_3187911_248764861_302_E_DDE_dt_1 316L s/steel Citizen myota 9015 Auto movement Sapphire crystal Forged clasp I've got to be honest here and say I'm not a fan of roman numerals or the skinny hands but what did push me to buy was the price. (check the last pic) Maybe it will grow on me e Yes I know I forgot to set the date.
  11. Thanks for the comprehensive breakdown mate I'm an 8" wrist, bracelet wearer who prefers 45Ø and up so ticks my boxes. You almost had me going with the 'rose gold highlights' but you mean the accent on the dial don't you Davey? That's another earmarked, cheers mate!!
  12. Very nice, The blue chrono is drawing me in..... what's the bracelet like on that one Davey?
  13. Been laying down some flooring in the garage. Full precautionary measures
  14. Cod, chips,mushy peas. Delivered from the chip shop. No dishes to wash, bonus!
  15. The young man who runs our local Dairy/grocery shop is a bit of a character, here he is delivering our lockdown provisions today.
  16. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    An AA trickle battery charger for the car as its not getting used.
  17. I did go on an Italian car ownership run with a Alfa 145 twin spark a few cars later after a Lancia Delta (not integrale) and Lancia Prisma, both dirty rotters!
  18. I cant remember, the photo is around 1980 and I wouldn't have paid a lot for the bike second hand so probably early to mid seventies. Yes great sound, once it was tuned and revved off the clock! I think I traded in my original standard exhaust pipes for something or other which I was prone to do at the time. Once tuned I used to get over a ton on the flat. Nobody had a go at getting the car? Hillman Imp, never did get it running properly.
  19. Yeah, KH250 Kwak I tuned the engine to within an inch of its life then realised the standard drum brakes front and rear were never stopping it. Swapped the wheels, front forks, brakes from a Yam 250XS to give me disc brakes. The tank if I remember was from a Honda, the seat homemade, The paint was still drying on the side panels in the kitchen asI took this photo with the tail piece up next for rattle canning. The Micron expansion exhaust pipes were also added. Here's a pic (left) before the conversion.
  20. Quiz question, Can you name either or both of these two vehicles from my younger days?
  21. BobJ

    DIY haircuts.

    Been doing my own for about twenty years. Number 1
  22. BobJ

    Today I Bought .....

    A bamboo back scratcher.
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