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  1. Yes it's bloody annoying paying a premium for being a 'hobbyist'. I've got a plumber mate over the road from me who has taken me

    with his large van to pick up 8 x 4 sheet material in the past but  I hate asking tbh.


    Got the Shuko plug cut off the pillar drill today, replaced with the best plug Screwfix had. Luckily the wiring is as UK colour coding.






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  2. Ade is indeed a character. Amazing what he gets done in that tiny shed of his, especially has he now owns a Mill.

    I sent him a magnetic swarf wand a few months ago that he featured on one of his videos. 

    Do you have any engineering firms near you? might be worth asking to rummage through their scrap bins for off-cuts.  

  3. 1 hour ago, Roger the Dodger said:

    One thing I improved on mine was to quieten the noise made by the quill return spring (on the LH side next to the isolator switch). It sounded a bit 'graunchy' straight out of the box, but as it's under tension it's a bit risky opening the cover. However, a quick spray with WD40 round the case and enough seeped in to make it whisper quiet.

    Thanks, that's something I will have to listen out for. I half expected to have to get the sticky back foam out to quieten the pulley cover which 

    is a usual place for rattling but it's a good tight fit when closed and no rattle.

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  4. You have been busy, very nice indeed. :thumbsup:

    I'll wager that tap handle is older than both of us!. 

    I've done the same in the past using a drill as a lathe. A small bench lathe is next on my list of major purchases. 

    I could fit a Warco 180 on my end bench but would prefer shoehorning a 240 in there. 

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  5. Only just seeing this post, (I've followed the sub forum in notifications now to catch future posts.)

    I like the fact it's portable, can be stashed away and used outside. Even with extraction I've found they can cover the garage in dust in seconds!

    Any problems with the acrylic melting whilst hole sawing?




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