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  1. 4 hours ago, Hayballs said:

    Cracking post and a great job. :thumbsup:

    Very well done

    What watch were you wearing?


    Thanks Hayballs :thumbsup:   

    I keep buying 'beaters' to wear when doing jobs around the house. When they turn up I haven't got the heart to get them all banged up

    so probably not wearing one at all. :laugh:

    4 hours ago, Lou61 said:

    What a great idea and brilliant build. It's inspired me to finally build a workbench for the shed!

    Thanks Lou, :thumbsup: Glad you liked it. Here's a few pics of the workbenches I've made.

    I'm always mindful that at some time I may need to actually get the car in the garage for whatever reason so nothing is permanently added into the

    space to compromise this.

    The 6ft x 4ft large table is hinged to the wall with hinged legs and adjustable feet so can be packed away, also makes it very stable when in use. See the use

    of garden gate bolts to hold it up :laugh:








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  2. As its raining and I have nothing better to do I thought I'd upload something that I built and recorded sometime between xmas and the lockdown.

    When we moved house eight years ago I needed something to put all my small tools and nik naks in from the previous garage. Wickes were banging out these storage boxes

    cheaply at the time so bought a dozen.



    Inevitably they get stacked up, taking up bench space, plus frustratingly you always need something from the bottom box in the stack.


    Rather than build something like a static cupboard I thought I'd make it mobile to use as another bench elsewhere in the garage as needed.

    Plans drawn up. :laugh:


    Materials needed, 606 x 1829 18mm plywood x2 from Wickes. (These fit in the car.)

    I'm planning to use no screws or metal fittings, just dowels and wood glue for the construction. 

    Cutting up the pieces to size.


    I've had to dowel/ glue join two pieces together to get the best best yield from the material. No matter, it's an inside piece and wont be seen.


    Next, using Dowelling jig to drill holes.


    Fixing dowel pointers.


    Placing this piece in position on the base and tapping it leaves witness marks for the drilling of the base piece.

    At this point, sash clamps would have been really useful for the glue up (Gorilla wood glue) No time for pics of the wood gluing

    as I'm breaking my neck to get the parts positioned and aligned perpendicular before the glue goes off .:laugh:


    Same procedure for the two side panels. As I said no long sash clamps, just using gravity and weights to compress it while the glue sets.





    For whatever reason  I didn't record putting the top on but was the same construction.

    Next was to glue on the oak strip edging to all bare edges  6 x 18  (from Wickes again.)


     I'm using anything available to hold it in position, cellotape,duct tape, before thinking about putting elastic bands on finger clamps

    which worked really well.


    Sanding, sanding.


    Three coats of this varnish.


    Cutting up the aluminum angle.


    Drilling holes and cutting radius to the front corners.



    Fixing angles to trolley (are you bored yet? :laugh:)


    Adding Wheels.


    Viola! all done. x6 boxes stored in each side.


    When not in use it shoehorns neatly under the bench.



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  3. 8 minutes ago, Davey P said:

    Yeah, I'm expecting it to be quite complicated (well, more complicated than pulling out a crown and turning it, anyway... ), but I just liked the look of it, and couldn't resist in the end.  I've had my eye on this one for a while, and the bargain price on Amazon tipped me over the edge :laughing2dw:

    Yes, it's a lovely thing in the flesh for the price, enjoy mate. :thumbsup:

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  4. 1 hour ago, Roger the Dodger said:

    5 packs of interlocking foam floor tiles from Costco to lay on my garage/workshop floor. Only £12 per pack, each covering 2.9m2. Complete with edging strips.

    New garage floor.

    New garage floor.

    Nice job, better on the feet and a lot easier to brush/vacuum clean. I have similar, made from recycled polypropylene.

    Found a pic.



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  5. My first resin G- Shock (I have a steel)







    I'm liking it enough to start to start buying more...  :mad0218: plus my wife has also taken a fancy to it!

    Light and comfy, it disappears on the wrist. All I have to do now is watch a few videos to set the thing. :laugh:

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