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  1. That is pretty much what I figured. can you guys recommend any sites where I can do better than Esslinger or possibly find better deals on tools as well as these lubricants that are essential to quality watch repair I've checked eBay and that's really hit or miss and Esslinger is just so expensive is there any other sites out there that I am unaware of where I can purchase good quality tools and lubricants at a more reasonable price?
  2. I am trying to learn to become a watch maker and I don't want to cut corners and I definitely want to do quality work. I have a couple teachers who are being just great in answering my numerous questions related to antique American railroad grade pocket watches. What I haven't asked them is if it really necessary to use these extremely expensive oils and greases that are sold. Could I get by with good old 3 in 1 oil and moly axel grease on the mainsprings ? I mean Moebius 8000 is $25 for a few millimeters and the Moebius grease is about the same. I am going broke on the tools already Lord h
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