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  1. Hi everyone. Hope you are all having a good Wednesday. Just a follow-up to say I took the plunge and put the DJ on a Morellato leather strap today. Light brown seemed to give it the most casual look, and matches my work shoes. I liked the Hirsch straps, but they had only a limited selection available at the shop I went to. The Moralleto strap is very stiff and hard right now. I’m hoping it will eventually start to change shape. Anyway, just when I was really starting to like the jubilee bracelet, but I figured I can change it back at any time. The watch definitely feels more “me” now and I will wear it much more often. The strap was a bit pricey, but the shop said they will change the strap back any time I want for free. The shop had an absolutely fantastic lineup of vintage watches on interesting straps, but that’s another story. I’m so glad I did this. Now I will wear the watch my dad gave me with pride, and regularly instead of only on special occasions. And I’m really happy I took his taste in watch, and tweaked it a bit to match my own. Now I feel his intention has been met. I have to say I think perhaps the DJ with a fluted bezel suits the jubilee strap better, but I’m very happy with the look on leather too. Thanks again for all the comments!
  2. Thank you all for the very useful comments! I actually feel a lot more encouraged wearing it as it is after reading a few of your comments. Today I wore it and thought it’s a right good-looking watch, especially with a suit. At the same time, thanks to your advice I also feel confident it would still look the business on a leather strap. I went to a shop after work today and it really seems to suit almost any colour of strap! I was quite surprised. Davey P: I get your point completely. I shouldn’t feel pressured into NOT wearing it due to adverse reactions. Actually, in truth only three people so far have ever even noticed it, and they were all Rolex wearers! Telling people it’s a fake will almost definitely work, and I think I will say that from now on. Great idea and funny! Chromejob: thank you for the great advice and specific brands to check out too. Yes, you are completely right. I work in Tokyo, and my main concern above all is the image I would portray in the office. People really judge on appearance here a lot, and “harmony” (as in not standing out) is important, so know it will definitely bother a few colleagues. There is saying here that translates as “the nail that sticks out gets hammered”. Then again I think it’s just a brand that winds a lot of people up, and if it’s a gift and I like the look then why not wear it? Other good points were made about the watch itself being more valuable than the strap, and that you can’t really hide that watch even with a leather strap. That’s true. It still looks flash as I discovered today, ha ha. Anyway, I think I will buy one leather strap for now and see how I get on with it. I think I will wear the watch more that way, but I will also not be as worried to switch it back and just enjoy it’s flashiness once in a while. Win-win! Really glad to have started to find a love for the DJ now:-)
  3. Hi everyone, I hope you are having a good Monday! I was wondering what your thoughts are on a leather strap on a Rolex Datejust. Has anyone here ever seen one on a Datejust and thought it looked good? I had a look on google images and can’t trust my own judgement, but I thought perhaps a tan, brown or black strap might work. Or is it juat stupid on a dressy watch? I should explain. I have a Datejust which is steel and white gold on a jubilee bracelet. My dad decided to pass it on to me, but I honestly have only worn it less than ten times since I got it 2 years ago. I hate scratches or imperfections, and so I constantly worry about demaging the bracelet and am constantly wiping it (even fingerprints) like a maniac. Also, yes I think it looks lovely as a dress watch, but I don’t tend to eat out at “dressy” places and my friends would mock me for having a shiny Rolex. I also don’t like wearing it to work as I wouldn’t want my bosses to notice it. And to be honest, yes as someone in their 30s I feel I haven’t quite grown into it yet. It perhaps seems a little old-fashioned for me. On the other hand, I’m thinking it’s a shame for it to sit in a box almost unworn. If I could dress it down a bit with a leather strap I could protect the jubilee bracelet, make it more “me”, yet still wear the watch more frequently and get use out of it. And hopefully most people wouldn’t recognise a Datejust on a leather strap. Anyway, any advice on a strap for making it look nice but less formal would be greatly appreciated! https://www.flickr.com/photos/158651480@N03/23492677608/in/dateposted-public
  4. Looks great. I bought a version 2 generation 1 rose gold and black Bambino half a year ago. The only reason I didn’t get the very one you did was I noticed it’s even bigger than the 40.5mm of mine. Anyway, I absolutely love the feel and quality of the watch relative to price. Seems really well put together, but alas the rise gold and black doesn’t suit me at all. So I’m selling mine here in Japan and might end up copying you after all. Ha ha. Please post a photo once you get it!
  5. I admire your conviction! I should follow suit...
  6. Ahh! Perspective, my dear Watson! I never thought about that. I suppose at that time Rolexes were more like tool watches?
  7. That’s an interesting and surprising one. Something ironic about that...
  8. That’s a really scary story, and Steve D’s is horrific and terrifying. I wish you and your friend a speedy recovery, and I hope you are compensated for your watch. I often complain about the bad parts about life in Tokyo, but it is times like this that I feel fortunate that the violent crime rate is so low here, and I almost never feel even remotely threatened. I go back home once a year (to Scotland). Go out in Glasgow to catch up with friends and the atmosphere in some parts puts me on edge. I think Japan has made me mild-mannered and non-threatening, and it’s almost like guys can sense it back home; like a shark smells blood. I must admit that I wouldn’t wear a fancy watch in Glasgow for fear of being ripped by mates, or in case something goes wrong and it gets nicked/I lose it/I get my face smashed in.
  9. Thanks for all that very useful information Gimli. Very observant! I wish I had a photo of an original or the exact same watch to compare, but alas I can’t. I will ask the seller about the crown/face. Oh, it’s in Japan on a Japanese-language website. Ah, thanks for the link Gimli. The watch there looks very similar (at least they are up front about calling it a “marriage watch”). I’m starting to think it’s the exact same kind of scenario with this one!
  10. Hi, Thank you very much for that info! It seems that the model is perhaps a “Master Compressor”. Well, it is being advertised as such on a different site, but I’m not sure I believe that. Very unusual face.
  11. I’m not sure if you guys can see the photo. Something seems to have gone wrong... I can’t get the links to photos to work!
  12. Hello to you all! I hope you are having a good Tuesday. I was wondering if there is anyone here who could please tell me what model/rough year this Jaeger LeCoultre is? Or if I is even real. I saw it advertised in Japan, but I have never seen one like it and am anxious that it is a fake. I can’t even tell what model or year it is. What I do know is the movement is hand-winding 480/CW, and it is apparently 34mm. The seller also claims it has been refurbished and the year is “between 1900 and 1950”. Im interested in it as it looks so unique, but I just can’t find any information online. If anybody could shed any light I would be most grateful! https://www.flickr.com/photos/158651480@N03/37525314104/in/photostream
  13. Thank you very much for that useful information! Good to know that the price is entirely reasonable, and well spotted (degradation and scratch). Hmm, it’s one of those cases where I think the watch looks cool, but it would probably look ridiculous on me...
  14. Hello everyone, I trust you are all wearing a scary outfit today at work or wherever you might be:-) I was wondering if anyone could please help me to identify this Hamilton. I put in the serial number (which you can see on the back of the case), but I can’t find any information (such as the model name, year of production, or how much would be a reasonable price for this watch). If anyone could shed some light I would be most grateful. It’s selling here in Japan for exactly £100 and I thought it seemed like a good price as it looks in good condition from the photos. I can’t tell if it in fact looks silly though. Thanks!
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